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April 16th, 2005 by Crusader

A reader pointed out that Activision has released plot background info for Raven’s upcoming FPS, Quake 4 (thanks GameSpot):

Earth is under siege by an alien race. The Strogg are cybernetic warriors–a mechanical frame and decaying body parts stabilized by flesh consumed in a systematic annihilation of other species and civilizations. In a desperate attempt to survive a Strogg attack on Earth, an armada of Earth’s finest warriors is sent to take the battle to the Strogg home planet. Earth’s initial assault force is nearly annihilated immediately, but one marine manages to infiltrate the base, bring down their planetary defense systems, and kill the Strogg’s collective brain and leader–the Makron. Earth assumed the destruction of the Makron would end it all, but it didn’t.

That’s where Quake II leaves off and Quake 4 begins.

The Strogg are quickly regrouping. However, with the Strogg’s planetary defenses still destroyed, Earth’s forces can deliver a full and final assault. This time, you’re not alone. You are Matthew Kane, an elite member of Rhino Squad, and part of Earth’s next invasion wave. An army of soldiers are fighting with you and an arsenal of weapons and vehicles are at your disposal in this heroic and epic battle between worlds.

There’s also a screenshot, but that one’s been released by Activision before now.

There’s also some news on the DOOM movie fronts… yes, plural. Gamasutra is reporting that the book Masters of Doom, which takes a historical look at id Software, has been optioned for a biographical film produced by the Showtime cable network. Moreover, the DOOM movie (starring Karl Urban and Da Rock) will now be released on October 21st of this year.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Having id farm out Quake 4 troubles me considerably… Especially since there’s been no word on whether Raven will port it to linux…

    Geek pressure to do so will be there, no doubt, but Raven’s been burnt on linux games before and that might alter their final decision…

    Anyone know if this game will have a linux port for sure?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    [b]LXF: Can we expect Quake IV to run on Linux? Will the Linux client be released with the game this time, rather than downloadable a short while after as with Doom 3?[/b]

    TB: I can’t give you any information about Quake IV Linux at this point, but I’d do my best to make sure there is a Linux client out. The Linux release happened a few months after the Windows release, simply because I was working on the full game for Windows until we got gold. My work with id covers more things than Linux.


  3. Anonymous Says:

    If you run over a small country like iraq or afghanistan, then Q4 perhaps helps you to learn how.

    every american soldier should play this, because noone needs thoughts about morale and justice, when some rich people want more money so badly.

    Get used to it.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    For the scoop, study Psalm 92 for information on the fabled one-horny toad.

    [i]Matthew Kane, an elite member of Rhino Squad, and part of Earth’s next invasion wave[/i]

    Matthew Kane! Ha Ha, he he, ho ho… Lo Lo Lo, once a tax collecter wandering the earth in equal shame as the Internal Revenue Service; none invite him in, yet he doth crucify his evil horn and repent to serve Jesus.

    I’m buying this game already. I’ll download it once and buy it three times even if I need to give it as a gift! Jesus cuts the horns man! He is the monk that brings the key to happiness and pulls the hell of a cross that brought the cross down; a monkey descended from the Tree of Life; har har har ? (pirate hook?)

    Oh, btw, I see no new pictures; I can almost swear they are reprints from three years ago. Or am I high on the lo that I seen and heard a many years ago that flew through the news?

    Anyone here a schollar that can prove to me you know the verse that speaks of a man given you milk from his titties? (I’m realy trolling for Jesus this blessed day. It’s honest comedy, no liquor involved, just a little Holy Spirit brings the stomach a long way eh? It’s aboot time I let it at that, have mercy on me: a sinner).

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