XGI Releases Source

April 12th, 2005 by Crusader

Tom’s Hardware is reporting that XGI has committed themselves to a source release for Linux users:

XGI also announced that it has released its source code for Linux. “To support the large and growing Linux community, XGI Technology released the source code to X.Org, XFree86.Org, and Kernel.Org for its desktop, notebook, and server products,” the company said in a statement.

The press release from XGI can be found here; included are URLs for obtaining the source code.

Edit – Wednesday Apr 13 13:51:27 2005 – As readers have pointed out, the code XGI submitted to the X11 and Linux kernel projects only covers their 2D drivers.

4 Responses to “XGI Releases Source”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I’d certainly consider buying one if there were cheap standalone cards plentily available.

  2. grifter Says:

    this sounds really interesting, is there anyone who has experience with xgi cards? are they comparable to nvidia? better, worse? (in terms of pure hardware)

    i’m all excited, but i’ve no idea whether it’s justified or not

  3. Lightkey Says:

    The source code is only for 2D HW acceleration.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    So is the VIA source code release ( see below ) the same – 2d only ?


    VIA Technologies has released driver source codes for specific VIA hardware to the open source community. The source for the S3 Graphics UniChrome family display driver for version 2.6.x kernels is said to be of particular interest to the growing number of Linux enthusiasts and customers using VIA EPIA mainboards

    UniChrome family display driver supports the VIA CLE266 and the new VIA CN400 Digital Media chipsets featured on the VIA EPIA M series and VIA EPIA SP series mainboards

    VIA also released display driver sources for the VIA ProSavage and ProSavage DDR integrated graphics controllers as well as the integrated Network driver source

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