RenWerX and Legends Part Ways

April 9th, 2005 by Crusader

The RenWerX team sent in word that they’re parting ways with the Legends team, but will continue developing their Tribes-like multiplayer game (with a Renegades game mode) independently. Moreover, aid from the community is being requested:

We want both Base and Renegades to be formed by the Tribes community, and to do so have put together a custom living design plan for both. If you are interested in making sure the next tribes-like game or Ren mod plays like you want it to, please see our design introduction page.

In addition we plan to keep the Renegades name for our Mod, however need a name for the Base/ the game overall. We have put together a voting / suggestion process on our forums in this thread, and would appreciate anyone interested in contributing doing so.

They go on to state that, in addition to the game itself, the created content (scripts, models, and maps) will be openly released. There’s also a page listing open positions on the project.

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