UMark Beta 3

April 5th, 2005 by Crusader

The third beta release of UMark, an open source utility for configuring UT2003/2004 benchmark tests, is now available:

  • Added support for Timedemo benchmarking (retail UT2003 and UT2004 only).
  • Added support for UT2004 demo version, included UT2004 demo in data install script.
  • Added a configuration dialog for choosing custom .ini files to prevent main window clutter.
  • Fixed UMark to run benchmarks in windowed mode when the fullscreen option is not checked.
  • Filtering out map combobox, so only playable maps or movie type .ut2 files will be displayed.
  • Removed Gnome widgets and dependencies, now using pure Gtk+ 2.x (163KB smaller binary).
  • Removed showhud commands from exec .txt files (it was actually hiding the hud).
  • Removed flyby warning dialog box when 0 bots are selected (it started crashing).
  • Renamed many widgets in the Gtk+ interface code.
  • Cleaned up destroy process on the presets dialog.
  • Updated Perl script for creating .ini file hashes.
  • Updated readme, installation notes, and a new faq.
  • New dialog message boxes with the UMark icon.
  • New about dialog box.

UMark Beta 3 Download: [ ]

4 Responses to “UMark Beta 3”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I’d like to see benchies comparing the current nvidia to the more recent releases of ATI’s cards.

    Last benchmarks I’ve seen where from 5 months ago.

  2. thelusiv Says:

    I tried installing the last version but only RPM was available for binaries. The UMark site suggetsed Linux users try compiling from CVS, and try as I might the CVS will not compile. I’ll have another crack at it with this version but it would be really nice if there were .deb’s….

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Not that anybody cares, but here’s what I get:

    OS Version: Linux 2.6.8-24.14-default
    Processors: 1
    CPU Speed: ~2205 MHz
    CPU Name: AMD Athlon(tm) XP 3200+
    Video Card:
    OpenGL Driver: 1.5.3 NVIDIA 71.74
    Memory: 1011 MB
    Swap File: 3074 MB

    Build 3355

    Bots: 12
    Detail: Current
    Resolution: 1024×768

    Min 23.846439
    Avg 69.235367
    Max 153.149368
    Score 65.646172
    65.646172 UMarks

    What does it mean? I dunno..

  4. Anonymous Says:

    gtk-mozilla whatever dependency is kinda stupid.
    I only have firefox on my system, i don’t want to have to build mozilla on my system just to get some benchmark program to work.

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