Quake IV at QuakeCon 2005

April 5th, 2005 by Crusader

id Software’s Todd Hollenshead spoke with GameSpot recently, where it was mentioned that Raven’s Quake IV will appear at this summer’s QuakeCon event:

Hollenshead also teased the crowd with information about the upcoming QuakeCon, the annual id-sponsored frag-fest scheduled for this August 11 to 14 in Dallas. Namely, he revealed that the next installment in the conference’s titular franchise will indeed be on hand, a fact omitted from last month’s official lineup announcement. “We’ll have Quake IV multiplayer to play,” he said “And because it’s also the 10-year anniversary of QuakeCon, we’ll have a few other surprises as well.”

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  1. san Says:

    Looking forward to this – too bad I can’t attend

  2. Anonymous Says:

    quoth story.paragraph.last {“Overall, the Xbox Doom 3 release event appeared to have been a win-win event for id staffers and fans. But the luckiest attendee was one jaded 12-year-old. Not only did he convince his father to buy him the ultraviolent M-rated game, but he also won a strategy guide for it by answering a Doom-based trivia question.”};

    ([i]swats throu air with hand[/i])
    Shoo Shoo! Get out of here! Stay away!

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