Epic on Unreal Engine 3

March 8th, 2005 by Crusader

As GDC approaches, Epic Games’ Mark Rein spoke with Computer Games Magazine about the next iteration of his company’s Unreal Engine; the topics discussed include the importance of the PC platform (as compared to consoles) and CPU architecture trends (multi-core).

Moreover, Epic lead programmer Tim Sweeney was interviewed by Gamespot about Unreal Engine 3 support for Ageia’s Physics Processing Unit.

2 Responses to “Epic on Unreal Engine 3”

  1. joeljkp Says:

    Still supports Linux, right? Right??

  2. ayqazi Says:

    When will FPSes include the player’s feet? Its so annoying… look down, and no feet!

    I wanna be able to use the new PPU to shoot off some badguy’s head, and then kick it around in a realistic manner.

    How can I do that if I’ve got no feet?

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