PCBurn: Cedega & Point2Play Review

February 16th, 2005 by Crusader

PCBurn sent in the following news:

Cedega and Point2Play are two pieces of software from Transgaming Technologies that enable Windows games to run on Linux. We’re taking a look at these two packages to see what they’ll do for your Linux gaming experience. Check out PCBurn’s Cedega review to see if it’s worth your hard earned money.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    I’ll stick to wine… Transgaming does a ok jobs of allowing to let ppl play popular titles.. Wine is mosting trying to make a product that will work /w basic hopefully all.. I seen it come from running basic 16 bit programs to 32 bit now DirectX…
    I’ll support what i know….

  2. kgroombr Says:

    I paid for six months of Cedega which expired about three or four months ago. For me, it only worked with two games of about ten that I wanted to play. Most games wouldn’t even load. I know that No One Lives Forever 2 would play fine if I could just get it to load. I may purchase another subscription later, but somehow doubt it since I surely doubt it will never support the games I like.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    It plays World of Warcraft well enough to be enjoyable and that was worth the $15 to me. It’s not “Windows level” performance-wise and OpenGL doesn’t work for me but it’s good enough. Any other working games are just icing for me.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Majesty Gold has a native Linux client, so why did they test that at all ?

  5. Anonymous Says:

    SEE another case where ‘cedegea’ IS causing linux native games a serious blow…majesty IS NATIVE…they somehow just FORGOT to mention that didn’t they!!! know why ?..cause they want YOUR MONEY and who gives a RATS A** if it hurts linux native gaming. IF YOU CARE about linux AT ALL…support native games…dain people it is NOT rocket science. There are TONS Of good solid commercial quality games out there NOW. I mean dain we have ut2k4 and savage and nwn and vendetta and uplink and soon hopefully darwinia and americas army and enemy territory and a few loki games hiding around and more at or ( bit pricey so buy with care) and robinhood ( new release lately) and that pirate game and a tale i the desert….so SEE there are TONS of good commercial grade guys that THINK you need cedega are just deluding yourselves into THINKing you can’t get by withOUT hl2 or warcraftIII or whateverrrrrrrrrrrrr….get a life and support the OS you are USING .

    why do you guys want to play ‘windows only’ games when we NEED TO SUPPORT NATIVE GAMES…dont you get it ??

    if we dont buy native games WHAT is the chance we’ll see MORE NATIVE GAMES ?

    do you want to keep giving your money to cedega per month instead of buying a game once and forgetting their stupid fees ?…also remember native games run quickier and work 100% BECAUSE THEY ARE NATIVE.

    gez people its NOT rocket science.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    I don’t think a company will decline a native port to linux only because wine/cedega can run it already. This is not that user friendly, and it can work or not depending of version.

    On the other hand, wine/cedega help people to use linux more frequently and for some of them being able to play specific games is the only reason to keep windoz.

    So i think wine/cedega will help to increase the linux user base. When it will be sufficient, big companies will start to make native ports. This will be very natural.

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