Outgun 1.0

January 26th, 2005 by Marv

OutGun, a game previously reviewed here at LinuxGames, has released their 1.0 version. Changes from the last beta consist of the following:

  • Better automatic handling of firewalls and NATs. Also added are options for manual control of ports in the form of command line arguments -cport and -sport.
  • Some keyboard filtering to make it easier to leave the player pointing diagonally when stopping moving, especially on Linux.
  • Minimap players are drawn differently. Most notably, players stay visible for a while and then fade out, when not seen any more. The information about players’ positions is also sent twice as often as before, making the minimap smoother and more useful even in large games.
  • A flag icon is drawn on the scoreboard whenever a player is carrying a flag.
  • You can now choose to automatically see player statistics instead of team statistics. (suggested by detonador)
  • Option to use arrow keys for moving the player instead of choosing the stats, when a statistics screen is open.
  • A precompiled binary package for Linux, only extract the package and go.
  • For those who want to or have to use the source package, a script by ThOR27 which downloads and installs the dependencies as well as compiles Outgun.
  • Included two new maps by Huntta: Pikatie and Oikotie.

Download: [ Outgun 1.0.0 ]

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