WorldForge Cyphesis 0.3.8

January 25th, 2005 by Crusader

The WorldForge Project sent in word that they’ve released version 0.3.8 of Cyphesis, a small to medium scale server for WorldForge games. This version includes the demo game Mason and is intended for server admins wishing to run a Mason server or anyone wishing to work on serverside game development. Other changes:

  • The database code was modified so that the server can be run entirely without connecting to the database in demo mode, loading rule data from files instead.
  • Support was added to the AI code to allow NPCs to answer questions based on their Knowledge.
  • The natural language processor was modified to be more tolerant of differences in sentence structure.
  • Reference counting was implemented for all entities, and used to massively improve the efficiency of broadcast operations.
  • Add support to configure to link most of the libraries statically to make a redistributable binary.
  • Lots of bugs were fixed.

WorldForge Cyphesis 0.3.8 Download: [ ]

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