xmame/xmess 0.90 released

January 20th, 2005 by Marv

Our favorite multiple arcade machine emulator, xmame, has been updated to version 0.90.0. Changes in this release include:

  • Everything from MAME 0.90 and MESS 0.90
  • The “-sleepidle (-si)” option is now enabled by default. This keeps the emulation from hogging the CPU when it’s idle.
  • Did a major rework of the effects code, which now borrows code from the AdvanceMAME project (Hans de Goede):
    • The code is much cleaner.
    • Effects are much faster on DGA.
    • The scaling is no longer fixed to a certain factor for each effect: It supports normal (1×1 – 8×8), scale2x (2×2 – 3×6), scan2 (1×2 – 4×2), rgbscan (1×3 – 6×3), scan3 (1×3 – 6×3), hq2x (2×2), lq2x (2×2), 6tap2x (2×2).
    • All the scanline effects come in both horizontal and vertical varieties, and vertical scanlines are automatically chosen for rotated games.
  • Made the 32bpp to yuy2 blitting code much faster and cleaner. (Hans de Goede)
  • Made a small change to the OpenGL code that more than triples the speed of 16bpp games. (Enik)
  • The install portion of the makefile no longer depends on the “cab” and “doc” symlinks in the top-level directory.
  • Enhanced LIRC support to compile and link against system-installed liblirc_client files. Added the “-lircrc” option. (Mads Villadsen)
  • Optimized some of the yuy2 blit functions. (Hans de Goede)
  • Added CPU capability detection for Linux on x86. Currently this only tests for MMX. (Hans de Goede)
  • Changed the effects code to use the C versions of effects when a CPU isn’t MMX-capable. This means that binary distributions can be built with EFFECT_MMX_ASM defined and still run on older CPUs. This presently only works for Linux on x86. (Hans de Goede)
  • Fixed “-geometry (-geo)” to properly adhere to given window coordinates. Added support for window coordinates to OpenGL. (Hans de Goede)
  • By default, fullscreen mode now only spans screen 0. To select another screen, use “-xinerama-screen “, or use -1 if you want the old behavior where all screens are spanned. (Joe Q. and Hans de Goede)
  • Removed Mesa on Glide on Voodoo 2 in fullscreen mode hack. If you need this, just use “-geometry 640×480 -grabkeyboard -grabmouse” instead. (Hans de Goede)
  • Reverted to treating lightgun buttons as mouse buttons, so lightguns will work independent of joystick devices or drivers. It is now also assumed that there are always 5 mice connected, so multiple lightguns should work fine.
  • The old-style debugger works again. (Hans de Goede)
  • Merged several of Nicola Salmoria’s memory leak fixes from Windows MAME.
  • Fixed multiple port recording for the playback/record option. (Chad Hurwitz)
  • The SVGAlib target now works for xmess: There was a clash with the PC emulation function vga_init(). (Dave Humphreys)

Downloads: [ xmame/xmess 0.90 ]

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