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January 14th, 2005 by Crusader

The Wine site has been updated noting that version 20050111 of the Win32 API implementation has been released; changes include:

  • Many OLE bug fixes and improvements.
  • A lot more work on the MSI dll.
  • Update regions now handled in the Wine server.
  • Beginnings of typelib generation in the IDL compiler.
  • Many janitorial cleanups.

Wine 20050111 Download: [ ]

Moreover, TransGaming has released version 4.2.1 of their Wine-fork Cedega for their subscribers. Changes:

  • Morrowind no longer displays graphical corruption while saving a game
  • Fix for a small memory leak
  • The fix for a Steam login issue, which was released in a previous hotfix package, is now included in a regular release.

3 Responses to “Wine Updates”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    cedega is a joke. .you can NO LONGER view the game database in so much as what people are saying in their posts about how the game well game runs (* or doens’t). That is a major flaw in their presentation and tells me they are losing gounds if they are afraid to showcase such things.

    bad move because they used to allow this…they prsent current games in a list…which at first glance might seem to be great but if you click a link sometimes you see ‘playability .. 1′ listed which clearly means its not even close to playable so I think they should make this much clearer at first glance so as not to deceive their clients whom feel supporting this kind of stuff is more important than supporting ‘native games’ ,,supporting native games in my opinion ( unlesss you just can’t LIVE without a certain game that you play with your friends online or something ) makes much more sense because you’re then supporting those new ‘efforts’ from vendors and urging them to keep it up and urging new vendors to do see seeing the linux is becoming a ‘viable’ alternative to windows and not just more ‘emulated wine’ garbage that sometimes works and alot of times doesn’t << and by that I mean you no longer can even view how many games are on their ‘work rated at ‘5’ list’ which I think stinks also.

    besides we all know their mac clients are more important to them dont we…


  2. Anonymous Says:

    Transgaming hasn’t updated their “supported games” database in quite a while. The unofficial Transgaming wiki has become a better resource (though even it is far from perfect)…

    Anyway Cedega runs WoW near perfectly now except for not being able to run it in OpenGL for some reason (trying results in a blank, black screen). The mini-map even works indoors now. It also runs Half-life 2 but takes near twice as long to load as it does under Windows. All in all it’s not bad progress for a company that is trying to hit a moving target all the time.

    Also I find it mildly amusing that the people who are pirating Cedega and distributing it via P2P are the same ones that claim vehemently to be against it’s use.

  3. Ranma-sensei Says:

    Really – I don’t think the effort to get publishers to sell native linux games is in any way compromised by people using Wine or Cedega. In IMHO it helps us play great games in linux, that we otherwise could not or could only play with a windows system on our machine. So – isn’t wine a benefit?

    Ya, mata

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