Tales of Alvin Maker Announced

January 13th, 2005 by Crusader

eGenesis, the developers of the community-oriented MMORPG A Tale in the Desert, sent in the following press release:

Orson Scott Card, author of the Tales of Alvin Maker series and AndrewTepper of eGenesis Games (A Tale In The Desert designers) have entered intoan agreement today to produce a MMO game based on Card’s series.

The Tales of Alvin Maker is a series about a alternate version of America atthe turn of the 19th century. In this version, folk magic such as faithhealing, hexes, and second sight not only work, but are common place. Thebook is a robust blend of folktale, history, parable and seemingly personaltestimony, promising a multi-layered community-building game of intrigue andmagic without the use of combat.

The initial plans include things that are happening in Alvin’s world, butwhich will never show up in the books along with four different magicsystems, plus the technology track, offering players many ways to developtheir characters. Card, himself will be involved in the planning of thegame, and promises on his web site, “The goal, however, is to let theplayers freely develop characters and take part in a wonderful, magicalworld.”

Andrew Tepper, critically acclaimed designer of A Tale in the Desert, willbe working closely with Orson Scott Card. “My primary goal is to stay trueto the world that Orson Scott Card has created” said Tepper, when askedabout his plans for the project.

The eGenesis designers will be creating many interesting visuals andchallenges for the game. Fans of Alvin Maker will be able to check on theprogress of the game design by going to the official site:

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    Why is the Windows Demo only 63MB large and the Linux and MacOS over 230MB?

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