X-Plane 8.04 Beta-2

January 12th, 2005 by Crusader

The second beta release of X-Plane version 8.04 is now available; changes include:

  • Proper correlation of instrument power to the proper electrical systems.
  • Glider winches are 950 meters, as per reality.
  • Glider winches disconnect if the cable angle ever gets too steep, as in reality.
  • Glider winches automatically disconnect if the line forces get way too high.
  • New RMI type: ADF-1 VOR-2.
  • Improved FMS fonts.

X-Plane 8.04 Beta-2 Download (acts as a demo for non-registered users): [ ]

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  1. oneguynick Says:

    Sure wish it was up but their site still says beta 2. RC1 coming in a few days….

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