January 12th, 2005 by Crusader

A reader sent in a release announcement for Puppytron, a Java-based (a version 1.4 or better JRE and hardware OpenGL are required) game; it’s also noted that you’ll need to allow outgoing connections to port 1099 to see the high score table. There are other Java games at PuppyGames, including a Space Invaders-style shooter on the front page.

Puppytron Download: [ ]

6 Responses to “Puppytron”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    That’s gotta be the highest quality of graphical java applications I’ve seen![br]It almost makes up for the thousands of complete crap ones that I think have been giving java such a bad name :)

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Mine errors out.

  3. princec Says:

    If you’ve got any problems with it drop us a line using our mingy PHP form on the contacts page and we’ll try and fix it.

    Cas :)

  4. rafaMEX Says:

    I use fluxbox and set my wallpaper with Esetroot, when i start this game my wallpaper is gone and replaced with the default one with the style/theme used… WHY!!! :P
    is annoying….

  5. princec Says:

    The secret to all the niceness is LWJGL ( And you’re right – Java can’t do it on its own! We ditched AWT completely and made LWJGL to take care of the deficiency.

    And it runs on Mac OS X too :)

  6. princec Says:

    New features added:

    * A little timer at the bottom left tells you when the level is going to end
    * Shooting powerups cycles them so you can pick the one you want
    * P now pauses the game
    * F1 now toggles BIG SCREEN MODE! (640×640)

    Still hoping for a few more donations :P

    Cas :)

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