Attal 0.9.2 Released

January 8th, 2005 by Marv

Version 0.9.2 of Attal, a fantasy-themed turn-based strategy game, is now available. Changes:

  • Castle’ building implemented
  • Better connection management
  • Destroy unit implemented
  • Manage ‘behaviour’ of map creatures (flee/join/mercenary/attack)
  • Manage growth of map creatures
  • RandomResource rewrite
  • Usability improvements (more info, better buy interface, autoscrolling)
  • Exchange units partially rewrite
  • Add “groups” for decorations
  • Autodraw paths and other small improvement in Scenario editor
  • Improved Theme editor
  • Fix/improve AI (exploration, priorities for targets, tuning AI based on enemy power)

Attal 0.9.3 Download: [ ]

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