Snes9X 1.43

January 2nd, 2005 by Crusader

Version 1.43 of the Super NES emulator Snes9X is now available; changes include:

  • Rewrote keyboard setup code
  • unmap all joystick buttons before applying -joymapX
  • AMD64 compilation fixes
  • Loading a zip file on binaries without zip support
  • Added install target with proper –prefix handling

Snes9X 1.43 Download: [ ]

2 Responses to “Snes9X 1.43”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    those were the changes for the windows version. snes9x under linux has no GUI for an input dialog to exist within.

    url with all the changes exists at:

  2. TheGreenKnight Says:

    I use this, it’s very good. Initially I downloaded a binary ‘snes9x’ that was ok on my aging P3 866MHZ and I could get maybe 35 or 40 out of 50fps. Then I got the latest source and compiled for OpenGL. I can now maximise the window and get full frames 50/50 or 60/60! The OpenGL version is ‘osnes9x’. I recommend you make this version.

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