ZSNES 1.40

January 2nd, 2005 by Crusader

Version 1.40 of the Super NES emulator ZSNES has been released; the gargantuan changelog can be found here.

ZSNES 1.40 Download: [ ]

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  1. blacksheep Says:

    Just wondering, what are the advantages of Snes over ZSnes and vice-versa?
    The only one I know is that ZSnes has a built-in menu (that’s why I use it) and Snes doesn’t (at least not the Linux version).
    But what about real gaming? Any significant changes of one over another?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Zsnes is build in asm, while snes in C. Snes is more portable, but zsnes require far less resources. I remember playing a while back rpg games at a resonnable 66% of a normal game speed on a 486 computer with zsnes and dos 6.22. On newer computer, they probably just as fast, because what need to play faster than intended?

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