Quake2 for Linux 0.16

January 2nd, 2005 by Crusader

Version 0.16 of Brendan Burns’ Quake 2 source port Quake2 for Linux has been released (thanks Changes include:

  • Improved joystick support
  • ALSA sound support
  • Improved x86_64 support

Quake2 for Linux 0.16 Download: [ ]

2 Responses to “Quake2 for Linux 0.16”

  1. TheGreenKnight Says:

    Oh how I used to love playing this online back in 1998. Me and a colleague used to code projects overseas, and so in the evenings we used to play ctf with the grappling hooks. I think the mod was called Threewave. It seems like only yesterday, but it was long enough ago now for me to get nostalgic :)

  2. Anonymous Says:

    [q]gg[/q] :)

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