Last Man Standing Beta 0.1

January 1st, 2005 by Crusader

The Last Man Standing team has released beta 0.1 of their DOOM 3 modification. Features:

  • Brand new menu with new graphics, sound, etc.
  • Shoulder flashlight
  • The maps include four different difficulty levels for players of varying skill
  • Score system
  • End of game score display
  • Kicking soundtrack to every map
  • Walkspeed changed to equal runspeed
  • Pistol is 3 shot
  • Double barrel shotgun – single shot autoreload version (a new model for this weapon is planned for the next release)
  • Chaingun with 300 round belt and a lower rate of fire
  • Plasmathrower – Turned the plasmagun into a flamethrower using plasma (a new model for this weapon is planned for the next release)
  • Six new maps, which feature monsters hunting down the player

Cooperative multiplayer is not included in this release, but calimer sent along this note:

We have made a lot of progress in terms of coop. Iplan on posting screens of it in action when I can.Also Burn is working on putting together a video of afew us playing coop. I’m not 100% sure when he isgoing to have it completed but I think it should be inthe next couple of days at the very longest. I’ll besure to post more news about it when it is ready, socheck back soon!

Other additions planned for the next beta include at least one new map, and additional weapons models/tweaks.

Last Man Standing Beta 0.1 Download: [ ]

2 Responses to “Last Man Standing Beta 0.1”

  1. Crusader Says:

    What I did was just make a lms dir in my doom3 directory, then:

    unrar x lms_beta01.rar

    You can then run the mod with:

    doom3 +set fs_game lms

    from the shell.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    there are 1001 mods out there, all 100+ megs, so please at least tell us what it is like.

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