English Robin Hood Gone Gold

December 13th, 2004 by Crusader

e.p.i.c. interactive sent in the following press release:

Robin Hood: The Legend of Sherwood” , originally developed by Spellbound Entertainment for the PC, has gone gold for Linux. The game is currently in duplication and should start shipping shortly before Christmas.

About “Robin Hood: The Legend of Sherwood”: Do not only take on the role of the hero Robin Hood, but also the roles of his faithful vassals and take them to the battle field against the nasty Prince John Lackland. In doing so you are able to enjoy the fabulous English landscape of 1190 as well as the giant castles and funny characters. The thrilling story is introduced by an award-winning introduction and transfers you directly into the hero’s body with the first mission, in which you have to set the captive comrades free. Take up the battle against the oppressors and free the farmers from the Prince’s reign! Be smart, be fast! Be Robin Hood!

- More than 30 non-linear missions in which, for instance, you have to save Little John and Brother Tuck and prevent a wedding between Marianne and the revolting Guy of Gisbourne or attack the taxation collectors of the Sheriff of Nottingham
- Visit five giant castles on different ways, at day- and night times, and at different weather conditions
- Play with up to nine integrated characters being outstanding due to their specific abilities and qualities
- Due to an innovative fighting system you are able to control the hero’s sword in battles by mouse
- Decide yourself which tactic appears to be the right one for you: reach the goal by creeping around the guards or fight bravely using sword and bow

System requirements: Pentium 500 MHz or faster, 128 MB RAM, Linux kernel 2.2 or better, XFree86 3.3.x or better, 8 MB graphics board, OSS compatible soundcard, 1 GB space on harddrive

The German version was released earlier this month.

6 Responses to “English Robin Hood Gone Gold”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    because it is a non LGP game.
    Bullshit, we want Robin Hood available on TuxGames ! This is a case of monopoly….

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Wtf? Where’s the press release saying ‘we won’t carry Robin Hood’? Since when are NeverWinter Nights or Quake* LGP games?

    Maybe the ‘problem’ is that ‘gone gold’ means sent to the press, not shipped to the stores. Maybe they’ll carry it when they can get it.

  3. fiammy Says:

    … if they want to follow the rules Tuxgames is imposing on their games. They are rather harsh according to me, but it seems some people find them fair… [br] You can read this on the ‘Game Makers’ page @ tuxgames:

    [i]Tux Games will take a 20% share of the list price of the item. You will be expected to pay for all shipping costs. Tux Games will reimburse your shipping costs at a rate agreed in advance. You will be responsible for any costs associated with issuing replacement items.[/i]

    On the other hand, it can be that spellbound gets a special contract (given the fact that they have some more games to come for Linux).

  4. Hohlraum Says:

    I find their site to be slow 80% of the time. I find their prices too high and I find their website to look like it was designed by a 10 yr old. Most game companies have a store you can order from directly.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I hope they can provide a demo for this to get a feel for the gameplay. Is it an RPG w/ player stats or just a tactical game like commandos?

  6. Anonymous Says:

    what’s the problem? Order Robbin Hood from shop!

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