Neverwinter Miscellany

December 6th, 2004 by Crusader

Random Neverwinter Nights items by wayofNeverwinter Vault:

  • BioWare has posted two interviews withdevelopers of their premium modules(these will not run on Linux until the next NWN patch is released):
    • KingmakerInterview – Dan Whiteside and Cori May
    • ShadowGuardInterview – Ben McJunkin
  • A player broughtup the idea of eventually open-sourcing the NWN codebase atthe officialforums; BioWare’s Stanley Woo gave a neutral response:
    Every company is different and will make its own decisions regarding theircode. I’d recommend not holding your breath for this one, but, like RobBartel, I’m a “never say never” kind of guy.

  • A Linux installationguide for the Platinum Editionof NWN has been posted as well.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    They are seling game contant(model, music, sound) so make the source avaible wont hurt any one. i think it a good idea. it would increase quality on linux and windows platforme and allow suport of curenlty not suported platforme. just look at all the id’s Quake port out ther.

    i am not agaist close source software but i belive that at somme point, the sources must be avaible to the costumers so they can suport them self the “outdated” product.

    As for the lisence side of thing it must allow redistribution for non-comercial purpose. not every one is a programer and can write the neceseray code to make it work on new version of, let say, linux 6.1 or windows Ultra XP 2010


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