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December 5th, 2004 by Crusader

e.p.i.c. interactive announcedthispast August that they would be portingSpellbound Entertainment’sRobin Hood: The Legend ofSherwood to Linux, as well as other unannounced titles.Spellbound later updatedtheir website toannounce that e.p.i.c. will also be portingChicago1930 and AirlineTycoon Deluxe (thanks Moreover,e.p.i.c.’s port of Northlandis still in beta-testing.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    looks promising!

  2. zborgerd Says:

    And what of Divine Divinity? I’ve heard nothing of this game that was allegedly in beta, early in the year. It’s no longer on their website as in-progress for Linux. Is it going to a certain publisher?

  3. fiammy Says:

    Bad news for those waiting for a Divine Divinity port. I just contacted Larian games, and this is what they say :

    [i]Wij hebben nooit een overeenkomst aangegaan met Epic om DD te porten
    naar Linux, enkel voor de Mac.
    Wellicht was dit een fout op hun website.
    Dus ik kan je niet echt verder helpen.
    Translated, that’s :
    We never made a deal with EPIC to port DD to linux, only to the Mac. It must have been an error on their web site. I’m sorry I can’t help you here.

    A thread which might be useful in the DD forums:

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