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November 29th, 2004 by Crusader

Epic Games has updated the officialUnreal Tournament 2004 sitewith a trailer for the Make SomethingUnreal contest’s 4thPhase; the overall grand final winners will be announced soon. The mods showcased are:

You can download the trailer here;although it has an .EXE extension, it’s a Bink movie that can be played withRAD Game Tools’ LinuxBinkPlayer.

Epic has also released a new UT2004 dedicatedserver package, which allows admins to run servers for the game withoutthe retail version. You’ll have togenerate aCD-key for your server for players to be able to find it in the browserlist.

UT2004 Dedicated Server Download: []

Other stuff:

  • The Red Orchestra team made a forumpost to comment on the server lag some players have experienced withversion 3.1.
  • The Frag.Ops team have released a version 2.15 patch;changes includethe addition of the RAH-66 Comanche assault helicopter.
  • The UTXMP team hasannounced thattheir first public beta will be released on December 10; themod adapts the gameplay from Unreal 2’s Expanded Multiplayer addition.
  • HamsterBash PR4 wasreleased last week (screenshots),which has players competing as hamsters in rolling spheres.

    [ Download ]

Thanks to BeyondUnreal for the above news items.

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