Unreal Tournament 2004 Miscellany

November 10th, 2004 by Crusader

BeyondUnreal pointed out that theRed Orchestra team has releasedseveralscreenshots from theirupcoming Jucha map; the developers will be updating the RO site every day thisweek with new media. There’s also a trailerfor version 3.1; it’s in Windows Media format, butmplayerhad no issues playing it here.

Moreover, Epic Games has started a newfeature at their website:FeaturedMod, which will profile community modifications for UT2004. The first mod honored isAir Buccaneers.

Finally, Ryan “icculus” Gordon releasedversion3336 BETA of UT2004; keep in mind that this is a beta build meantfor testing and not a final patch. Gordon elaborates on the beta releaseprocedure in his .plan:

Patch coming soon for Linux/Mac. The 3336 patch you’re hearingabout is abeta. Generally we don’t build every beta for non-Windows platforms unlessit looks to convert to a final build.

Edit by Crusader – Wednesday Nov 10 17:43:16 2004 – Version 3338 BETA is now available for you bleeding-edgers.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    they are setting servers for the mods.
    Lately they converted most of their servers to demo and it was torlan and primeval everywhere.
    Those mods have been around for months with almost no servers and atari servers have been mostly empty for months but, no, they didnt connect.
    Same for ECE, they are hard to find!
    Way to go!

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