True Combat: Elite Test Release

October 31st, 2004 by Crusader

The True Combat: Elite team has made a test release available of their Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory tactical shooter-themed mod. As ET was a free game, TC:E is also completely free of charge for anyone to download and play (i.e., the retail version of Return to Castle Wolfenstein is not required). You will need ET installed to play however; you can grab the current version here. This test contains two maps; Beta 1 will be released in the near future with additional content.

True Combat: Elite Test Download: [ ]

If you’re looking for TC:E servers, the developers posted this advice in their forums:

XQF — is the recommended browser for Linux peeps.

To setup the browser for filtering tcetest go to “Server Filters” -> “Configure”. Add a new filter, set the field “the game contains the string” to be tcetest and then select OK to save the filter. Select the tilter from the menu, then click the toolbar button to filter servers.

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