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October 26th, 2004 by Crusader

BioWare has announced the launch of their online store, which will offer new Neverwinter Nights modules (this has been hinted at previously); thanks to Neverwinter Vault for the heads up:

EDMONTON, Alberta, Canada, October 26, 2004 – BioWare Corp. today announced the launch of the BioWare Online Store, an internet-based marketplace located at The store will offer premium Neverwinter Nights™ game content. Neverwinter Nights has sold more than 2 million units worldwide and received numerous RPG of the Year and Game of the Year awards. The modules will be developed by BioWare staff, as well as by prominent members of the Neverwinter Nights fan community, and will be produced by BioWare and Atari, utilizing the Dungeons & Dragons® property under license from Hasbro and its subsidiary, Wizards of the Coast.

The premium modules will host a wide variety of features, including engrossing storylines, professional voice-over and musical scores, brand new in-game content, and much more. Many features have been chosen according to fan feedback, further signifying BioWare and Atari’s commitment to the Neverwinter Nights franchise and its loyal and dedicated fanbase.

Three Neverwinter Nights modules will initially be available through the BioWare Online Store when it opens for business on November 10, 2004, with a plan in place to regularly produce and release additional content in the future. The three modules available at launch are:

Neverwinter Nights: Kingmaker (Developed by BioWare designers Cori May and Dan Whiteside):Embark on a journey that transcends the bounds of life and death with a loyal band of companions at your side. Evil lurks in a war-torn keep, and the souls of trusted companions must be sacrificed to unearth it. To uncover the truth, you must win the throne.

Neverwinter Nights: ShadowGuard (Developed by Ben “Altaris” McJunkin, developer of “Lone Wolf” series of Neverwinter Nights fan modules):Your astonishing work at the Imperial Academy has drawn the attention of the Shadowguard, an elite group of secretive Imperial agents that know no failure. Your veil of comfort will soon be torn away and you will be left to solve the mystery of what lies ahead.

Neverwinter Nights: Witch’s Wake 1 (Developed by BioWare designer Rob Bartel):Recently remastered to bring it up-to-date with the latest new content, this new edition of the classic Hall of Fame module lays the official groundwork for the series. In the module’s opening scene, you awake on a raging battlefield to bear witness to your prince’s dying words: “Tell the king that she is dead.” Those seven fateful words mark the start of a journey that will propel you from the edge of a dying world into its very heart.

“BioWare is already hard at work creating the next wave of premium Neverwinter Nights modules, including the continuation of the hit Witch’s Wake series with Witch’s Wake 2: The Witch Hunters,” said Dr. Greg Zeschuk, Joint CEO of BioWare Corp. “We continue to work closely with contributors from the flourishing Neverwinter Nights fan community to create innovative products for release through the BioWare Store.”

“We really want to let our tremendous fan community know that we are committed to supporting them and listening to their needs!” added Dr. Ray Muzyka, Joint CEO of BioWare Corp. “Fans want to see more official content for Neverwinter Nights, and we are delivering just that. We’ll offer great new modules from BioWare designers, as well as prominent fan community figures, with all of the content produced and approved by BioWare.”

Gamespot interviewed BioWare’s Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk about the launch:

GS: Price point is a tricky subject. What are the price points of the mods and how were the prices decided upon?

RM: We’ve done a lot of research on this topic with our great marketing department, and we tried to choose a price point that seemed to be reasonable for the kinds of content we were selling online.

Our aim is to keep the cost of these modules reasonable–we’re going to strive to ensure that the content is always priced so our fans will feel they’re getting good value for their money. The initial batch of modules we’ve developed range from $4.99 to $7.99, and will be available for purchase through the BioWare Store at

4 Responses to “BioWare Store”

  1. grifter Says:

    Too little too late, they should have been cranking out modules since the first release of nwn, targetting both singleplayer, scripted multi, and multi requiring dm, and kept the prices at 2-3 usd per module. But this current price is ridiculous, it’s like they’re trying to make up for being so late, by keeping the prices high.

    I think it will prove fruitless.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    That price for 3-5 hours of game play is rediculous. 10-20 I’ll buy, not less. And no, I don’t go to the theatre either so don’t give me any BS about cost of entertainment.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    The environment just was not imerssive to me, though i enjoyed the first campaign, hey it ran under linux, i managed to finish the second, i still have not done more then look at the 3rd campaing its sitting on the hard drive using up space. It just does not have a large world feel, its just a series of boxes to wander thru.

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