LinuxGames’ Cybrid Reviews Wormux

September 28th, 2004 by TimeDoctor

Oh so French Worms clone (version 0.4.0), Wormux was reviewed by staff member Cybrid. Here is a piece of what he had to say:

Replay value for this game remains fairly low. Without the inclusion of opponent AI, or the ability to network a game, there is not much reason at this point to replay, unless you want to test out different environments or characters. As I understand it, these features are being worked on, so it is simply a matter of time before this will become a non-issue, but for the time being it is sorely lacking.

Wormux review by Cybrid

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  1. blacksheep Says:

    [i]On each turn, a player must first manually select which character they would like to use. This is a change from the original version, where each character was automatically selected in turn, and may detract from overall gameplay.[/i][

    Actually, Worms had that – not sure if the very 1st did, but I believe it already did.
    Although, I think it could be disabled. And I totally agree with you. The strategy is totally different when you are able to select worms.

    By the way, Wormux is getting really cool. The hot sit multi-player mode is my favorite, but I agree that AI would be cool, especially to practice your skills to then frag your friends worms ;).

  2. haypo Says:


    If you have some requests about Wormux, send us an email ! Today it’s not possible to change the option “can change character with TAB”, but if you ask for it : it will be implemented quickly ! I think that the option should have three values :
    – never can change character
    – can change character before any action (or during X seconds ?)
    – always can changer character : do it have any sens ?

    So, use our mailing list or contact us by IRC :
    And use our project page (bug list, features request, etc.) :

    Haypo (member of “Wormux team”)

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