AA Helper Library 0.1

September 29th, 2004 by Marv

Gary has informed us of the inital relase of AA Helper Library, which is a set of libraries to assist in the development of AA-Libgames/applications. It currently provides a few graphics primitives and a render-to-frame function so you can get a normal image out of AA-Lib.

Download: [ AA Helper Library 0.1 ]

5 Responses to “AA Helper Library 0.1”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    You serious?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Is this april fools day or something? Why would someone want to mess with ugly crap like that?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Welcome back to good ol’ 1985.

    PS: That isn’t the (Tom’s) Tab Window Manager; it’s twmgl, don’t criticize efficieny until you see the the freed system resources for demanding applications like Mesa3D or UT2k4 or Doom3. Huzzah for brother Chunky!

  4. chunky Says:

    After all, over 200 people hit the Freshmeat project, , within the first day or two.

    And by the way, I used vtwm not twmgl. twmgl doesn’t support virtual desktops [it has everything else I use, though], so I won’t switch back to it yet.

    Gary (-;

  5. grifter Says:

    Let’s not forget mplayer -vo aa :D

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