Lux 4.21

September 26th, 2004 by Crusader

Version 4.21 of Lux, a strategy title based on the classic boardgame Risk, is now available. Changes:

  • Smoothed the corners of shapes.
  • Eliminated a bug that caused the map to become ‘squished’ sometimes.
  • Shortened the initial loading time (offloaded it to the first timeyou view cards on a board).
  • Improved the selection of the default button based on the gamesituation.
  • Stopped the chat sound from getting played twice.
  • The explosion levels are now used correctly (few to nuke ‘em) and therefresh rate was sped up.
  • The border size preference is properly respected.
  • The positioning of the army boxes is better.
  • All text is now properly handled as UTF-8. This should allow accentedcharacters to work properly in the chat.

Lux 4.21 Download: [ ]

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