Linux Native Dark Horizons: Lore Available

September 23rd, 2004 by Crusader

GarageGames, the independent game publisher/developer (who also licenses the Torque engine used in Tribes 2), sent in the following press release today:

GarageGames announced today the release of its hardcore game Dark Horizons: Lore for Linux-based distributions.

Dark Horizons: Lore is a breakneck-speed first-person shooter based in a universe where the unfolding history of a war-torn Earth is revealed before the player’s eyes. Warring factions in the year 2155 pit cybernetically-controlled mech-style machines of war against one another in savage team-based combat on a dark 3D Earth. Ferocious squad vs. squad action takes place as you and your teammates struggle to hold ground and complete objectives against enemy forces.

One of Dark Horizons: Lore’s many compelling features is the sophisticated online tracking of player data and history which opens ladders, tournaments and rankings to the Lore gamer. This powerful “backend” aspect of Dark Horizons: Lore is the one of the focuses of the online MavLympics competition currently taking place at

“It’s great to announce the Linux release of Dark Horizons: Lore while we are still in the early adopter stage. This has allowed us to build in great play balance across all the platforms,” says Adrian Wright, President of Max Gaming Technologies. “We’re hoping to see all the new Linux squads out on the battlefield during MavLympics and beyond.”

“It’s always encouraging when we see independent developers breaking into new areas,” says Jay Moore, GarageGames Evangelist. “With Dark Horizons: Lore now available on Linux computers, it provides a great native hardcore gaming experience for Linux gaming aficionados.”

A free time limited trial version is available for download for Linux as well as both Mac OS X and Windows. The online retail version is available for $24.95 at

Dark Horizons: Lore Demo Download: [ ]

12 Responses to “Linux Native Dark Horizons: Lore Available”

  1. grifter Says:

    Launching it with a shell (the demo), it complained it couldn’t find, running the binary in the gamedir and going to create account, alt-gr apparently doesn’t work, and since i make @ with alt-gr 2, nogo. Sign up on their webpage for an account, logging in: Unknown Error, please try again. Music during the menu finishes, it loop the last second like a borken LP.
    But I really wanna try it, so I’ll keep trying I guess (:

  2. grifter Says:

    Ok, for all those who experienced the same troubles I had, simply choose your favourite irc client and connect to 7778, register with nickserv /msg nickserv register password emailaddy, then log in ingame with the irc nick and irc pass. And launching the DHLore.bin from inside the gamedir solves the libgcc_s thing, might wanna create your own shellscript with LD_LIBRARY_PATH to use their static stuff.

  3. Anonymous Says: should link the libraries you need in the game.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    You can also email support for the game at if needed. It was tested on Redhat 9.0, Gentoo, Slackware, and Fedora successfully, but MGT is more then happy to help troubleshoot your specific issues.

    Also please feel free to post support question at

    You should have a lib directory in the DHLore game directory also, make sure that installed properly.


    MGT Support

  5. paines Says:

    I downloaded it three times, with diffrent apps. And all three files cannot be installed cause this integrity check fails.
    On there is no Linux Version at all.

    Someone know another mirror ?


  6. Anonymous Says:

    yeah same problem with the checksum here couldnt even install it
    looks like a promising game though bit gutted i cant pass some hours with this whilst waiting for doom3 binaries

  7. Anonymous Says:

    And now it works fine with Fedora Core 2. Must be some kind of incompatibility with the one they include and Fedora Core 2 so I just used the one that was already on my system.

    The error was: must be installed for pthread_cancel to work

  8. awrightMGT Says:

    The case does seem to be that some distro’s are havinga conflict with the libs, oddly enough didnt have this issue during testingm but its luckily something easy to fix.

    We will fix this issue shortly, and post a fixed installer. We hope to find out the intergratey check also, seems to deal with -tail.

    please email us at if you have any issues.

  9. bobcat Says:

    I think Garage Games must be the number one Linux games producer. It’s a great time for Linux Gaming, we’ve never had so many choices before.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Dear Max Gaming,

    Dont forget to let us know when the fixed installer is posted!

    Look forwards to it!

  11. Anonymous Says:

    still no working installer :(

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Right, for those having trouble (im having trouble on gentoo but just got off my ass and sorted it)

    Download the installer, open it in your editor.

    Delete all calls to the MS_Check function and replace the call with a useless statement like ‘echo blah’ – This is important because the self installer pulls the gzip content from a specific line onwards in the file.

    There is no need to delete the MS_Check function itself.

    Now search for +266 (where tail is called) and add the parameter ‘-n’ to the tail command before the +266 so you end up with something like…

    tail -n +266 blahblah

    Save and run again and it should work fine.

    Now excuse me I’m off to have a go of this fine looking game.

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