Jagged Alliance 2 Source Code Update

September 23rd, 2004 by jvm

This news appears to be kind of old, but it should be documented somewhere.

Recall my post in February about Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire (by Strategy First) coming with the Jagged Alliance 2 source code on the CD. Well, it appears that the license does indeed allow redistribution and this forum is dedicated to the development and compiling of the source code. It even provides a download of the source code.

I have emailed Strategy First just now about the main question: is the interpretation of the license correct? If yes, then I’m going to ask for an official copy of the source code archive, since it would be nice to know that it was obtained directly from the owner and not from a random bulletin board on the Interweb. If anyone knows a contact at the company, please drop me a line, or have them contact me, regarding these kinds of issues. (Mathieu Pinard still around?)

All this said, I haven’t seen evidence of a GNU/Linux build of this game from the released source. Also, it appears that it probably depends on some third-party libraries, which might need to be replaced before the game could be built on another platform. If the source is out there, an enterprising individual or group could pick it up and work on a port. And if you could find Pinard, he might be able to help give some tips on getting it ported to GNU/Linux specifically.

Thanks to che (in #icculus) for the tip and Crusader for passing it along to me.

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  1. zborgerd Says:

    My experience with the code so far is that it has some major components written in assembly and that there are other components (like Smacker code) that would need to be rewritten as well.

    It also doesn’t compile on anything other than Visual Studio, without the help of some (potentially illegal) tricks to get it to link against some libraries that aren’t included with the source.

    I spent some time trying to get it to begin to build with GCC, but didn’t come very far (it’s a lot of work and the code is a bit of a mess). If I recall correctly, there are components in the code that don’t even belong to this particular game; some are from previous games that used the same engine.

    I’ve heard that others have gotten farther. I think that some people have managed to get the code to build with GCC and MinGW to make partially functional Windows binaries. The organization of the project on the “Bear’s Pit” forums was pretty poor. Different coders went their own ways and there seemed to be two distinct factions with different ideas. Some (most Windows users) simply wanted to mod the code to have certain effects (different blast radius effects, etc.). Others wanted to get it to compile and run on multiple platforms (mostly Linux users). There hasn’t been a lot of well-organized teamwork in the first place.

    I’ve emailed Mathieu Pinard and even Titan Computer, without success. Of course, I don’t expect much of Titan. They refuse to patch their own games (which are dead from bitrot with today’s Linux systems) and users must resort to some library mojo and kernel workarounds to get JA2 to even run. It’s no wonder that the community would like to have Titan’s source code. It would be easier to take some of Mathieu’s code that he’s already ported and implement it into a new multiplatform codebase.

    In fact, I don’t think that we know just who holds the rights to the Linux version now, but Titan certainly isn’t responding (they don’t even respond to support requests).

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Mathieu Pinard surfaced and posted one of the four comments in the last story here about JA2:

    I had intended to write a letter (on paper) to Strategy First to ask them to grant him permission to release his Linux codebase. I emailed him to see if he could offer any comments/input on things I should say, and his response basically suggested that he thought his own code was a hideous hack and we’d be better off re-porting from scratch. I was a little surprised, really, because it didn’t sound like the same sentiment posted in that above comment.

    Anyway, I dropped it at that point. I’d very much like to see a concerted, coordinated Linux port project. If someone does start one, perhaps we can attract the interested parties from the Bear’s Pit who really want to focus on the porting aspect.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    In case you didn’t hear, they just filed for bankruptcy. I think they have more on their plate right now than answering questions about a sourcedrop.

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