Make Something Unreal Phase 3

August 9th, 2004 by Crusader

Epic Games has announced thewinners for Phase 3 of theirMake Something Unrealcontest (thanks BeyondUnreal).Phase 3 required that submissions function underUT2004 and install viaUMOD.

The winners:

  • Best First-Person shooter (FPS) – Red Orchestra
  • Best Non-FPS -Alien Swarm
  • BestLevel -CTF-CBP2-Pistola
  • BestLevel with Original Content – DM-CPB2-KillyBillyBarn
  • BestMutator – Unreal4Ever MSU Edition
  • BestModel – MonstAr
  • BestVoice Pack (or Audio Modification) – Alien Swarm
  • BestVehicle – Clone Bandits
  • BestGame Type – Jailbreak 2004
  • Best Useof Karma Physics – Unwheel

3 Responses to “Make Something Unreal Phase 3”

  1. dekropisvol Says:

    This is really fun, can’t understand why not more people are playing it (servers aren’t “allways” full)

  2. Phorem Says:

    RO is the best mod out there for UT2004 (i like ww2 games so my opinion is biased). I wish they would use some of the vehicals though. That would seriously make this mod literally UNREAL! Although, they (the developers) did mention that wouldn’t happen as they wanted to concentrate on using people not machines :-(

  3. SQLBoy Says:

    You guys should try FragOps. Its kinda like CS, but much deeper. I was kinda sick of the WWII theme so I was looking for something more modern.

    You can specialize in parcticular skills. For example, Rambo has something like +5% shot accuracy, +5% speed but -10% armor.
    A ninja, has -10% ranged damage but high melee damage and low footstep noise. There is about 12-15 different things you can choose from or go with no specialization at all.

    You buy weapons like CS but, there are some twists. You can buy all kinds of different upgrades from scopes, and attachable knives, to better armor, ammo, nades. There is something like over 200 different weapon/mod combinations.

    There is a level up system, where as you play online, you will unlock more weapons and mods.

    Thats the scoop. Here are some shots:

    For linux you need to DL these files:

    Install them in that order. Just unzip/tar the file into your ut2004 dir. You will need to a couple manual things to get it running, check this forum post for the details:

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