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August 9th, 2004 by Crusader

Adam Miller, who has released several highly-ratedmodules in the past, announced that the next module in his Shadowlords andDreamwatcher campaign series is now available:Demon:

Demon follows immediately after the Dreamcatcher campaign. You and yourcompanion have married and have mostly retired from a life of adventure. Youlive in a small cabin in the Sword Coast region, taking care of a new additionto your family.

There’s also an interviewwith Miller from earlier this year up at NeverwinterVault.

If you don’t have Neverwinter Nightsyet, you may want to hold off a few months: BioWarehas announced that a PlatinumEdition of NWN will be released this fall, which contains both expansionpacks and additional content.

BioWare has also posted severalnews itemsthis summer regarding user-made artand modules:

  • DragonlanceAdventures interview
  • A module listand Wemicrace profile
  • Several epic characterbuilds (i.e., characters so monstrously powerful it would take a deity togive them a hard time)
  • A NeverwinterConnections Guideinterview
  • A profile ofNWTactics
  • Some persistent world profiles:Glorwingand Brynsaar

As far as Neverwinter Nights 2 goes, there’s still no word on whether or notObsidian has decided what to do withregards to Linux, but in aninterview withIGN, BioWare confirmed that NWN2 will buildoff of the NWN1 engine:

Obsidian will be doing the lion’s share of the development work on the sequel,but BioWare will have a hand in the development of Neverwinter Nights 2. Theyhave already provided Obsidian with the Aurora engine to build the game on. Inaddition, since they are most familiar with the Aurora engine, they will beproviding technical assistance in using the engine to its fullest, and willalso be looking over Obsidian’s milestones and giving input to keep theproject in line with the vision of the original.


While the sequel will be built on the same engine as the original, it will bea highly enhanced version of the Aurora engine, and you can expect somegraphical updates to take advantage of current hardware. “Basically we’regoing to take the original Neverwinter Nights and for all intents and purposesgut certain parts of it and totally rewrite them for things like DX 9, newerhardware and effects like all the new pixel shaders,” Darren Monahan told us.

DX9 in this instance almost certainly refers to the same kind of high-endgraphics effects newer video cards support and not Direct3D effectsspecifically, as DX9 is also tossed around in reference to DOOM 3’sOpenGL renderer.

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  1. cburke Says:

    I’m sure Microsoft is glad to see DX becoming synonymous with “graphics”.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Given the amount of constant bitching and moaning from Linux users over NWN (both before the Linux client shipped and after) I’d be shocked if Obsidian wants to go down that road. I’m sure the programmers at BioWare are telling them up front to forget any cross-platform concepts and stick with what they know (which would be Windows, of course).

    Still they could surprise me and it would be nice to be surprised.

  3. theoddone33 Says:

    [i]DX9 in this instance almost certainly refers to the same kind of high-end graphics effects newer video cards support and not Direct3D effects specifically[/i]

    I kinda doubt this. There doesn’t seem to be any reason not to take the statement at face value.

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