Epic Signs With Midway; New UT2004 Content Coming

July 29th, 2004 by Crusader

Epic Games has announced that future Unreal Tournament titles will now be published by Midway Games, rather than Atari.

Furthermore, Epic issued a press release today stating that new retail edition of Unreal Tournament 2004 is in the pipeline with added content:

New Maps for Onslaught Mode: Several new and never-before-seen environments for the new and mega-popular Onslaught mode, created by the masterminds at Epic Games, are being added. New maps will include never-before-seen areas as well as previously released maps created for Windows XP. Onslaught is an epic-in-scope team-based challenge that pits two teams in bitter warfare across massive terrain maps in a frag-filled battle to destroy, capture and hold key power nodes. Vehicles play a major role as war-hardened flying and driving machines transport combatants to the “front” and serve as mobile platforms to launch devastating attacks on the enemy.

New Vehicles: Three new vehicles are being added for Onslaught mode to help gamers tear up the countryside and bring their enemies to their knees. New battle machinery includes the Cicada, a two seat air vehicle; the Paladin, a deadly new tank that includes a player-oriented directional shield; and the Self Propelled Mobile Artillery (SPMA), a long-range artillery vehicle with a deployable hovering spotter camera.

New Characters: Six new characters crafted by Epic Games will join the bloodthirsty lineup of techno-gladiators for players to choose from and play as, including two MetalGuard mercenaries, two Mecha Skaarj and two Necris characters.

The Best Community-Made Game Modifications: Unreal Tournament 2004 boasts one of the most robust player communities in all of video games, and, with the tools included game, this community is able to alter gameplay and in some cases, completely change the way Unreal Tournament 2004 is played. Epic Games’ “Make Something Unreal” Contest has been challenging this community to bring their mods to a professional level and the community has answered the call. Epic has selected the best of the best, and those AAA community-made games will be included in Unreal Tournament 2004 – Editor’s Choice Edition. With several new and unique ways to play Unreal Tournament 2004 fans of the series both new and old are in for a huge variety of gameplay experiences.

Moreover, BeyondUnreal received this response from Epic’s Mark Rein:

All of the new content in the upcoming version of their multiplayer shooter will be released on the net for free for owners of the first version of UT 2004.

This Editor’s Choice edition will retail for $40 US, and will come in CD-ROM and DVD-ROM version. The Linux binaries shipped with the initial retail release, so it seems reasonable to assume they’ll be included on this one as well.

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  1. Phorem Says:

    I was about to blow my top (seeing how i bought the retail and dvd edition from tux games) before i saw…..

    “All of the new content in the upcoming version of their multiplayer shooter will be released on the net for free for owners of the first version of UT 2004″

    Wow. I thought somebody was going to die today :-\

    Good to hear though. Like usual, i will buy it anyway if it has the Linux installer on the cd and that nice little Black and Yellow penguin on the box :-))

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Unreal Championship 2 is now being published by Midway instead of Microsoft. Neat.

  3. plan9advocate Says:

    In this day and age, with computing hardware so cheap and available, it doesn’t make sense not to support systems that can take advantage of so much potential resources. Plan9 encourages and actively supports distributed computing on many many different platforms.

    Imagine how fast you could make Unreal Tournament-based games go by just taking advantage of this and Plan9’s infinitely improved threading model over linux? Everyone knows that UT’s performance is improved on multi-CPU systems, for a start just by breaking out sound into a separate thread. Linux miserably fails to take proper advantage of this, and only in recent kernels is it even beginning to come close to ideal performance.

    UT2k3 and 4 is more CPU-bound, in general, than graphics bound. Logically, you could make use of implicit Plan9 features and commands (man 1 cpu) to completely remove the cpu bottleneck and massively improve the performance of any UT-engine game in pretty much every situation.

    I think it’s stupid that Epic choose not to support Plan9, and mostly downright offensive that they don’t put the bunny on the box.

    – Plan9Advocate

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