ScummVM 0.6.1

July 29th, 2004 by Crusader

A reader pointed out that version 0.6.1 of ScummVM, a virtual machine for classic adventure games such as those from LucasArts, was released. It should be noted that 0.6.1b will be released shortly to fix a savegame path issue however. Changes include the requisite bug fixes :

  • Glitches using an Ogg Vorbis talkie file in some games
  • Crashes on 64-bit machines
  • Crashes when saving to an invalid directory in Broken Sword 1
  • Lots of sound glitches in Curse of Monkey Island, Full Throttle and The Dig
  • Crashes in some international versions of Simon the Sorcerer

ScummVM 0.6.1 Download: [ ]

Update by Madeline Allbright:
I’ll leave it to the ScummVM developers to describe it:

Well, one of those “Small Yet Important” coding mistakes has cropped up in ScummVM 0.6.1. A copy-and-paste error in the ‘Edit Game’ screen may result in people not being able to save a game.

The mistake involves the new ‘Paths’ tab, which allows for easier editing of game paths. Unfortunately, the ‘Extra Path’ field on this screen is accidentally saved as directory to use for saved games, instead of correct field below it. This was noticed and fixed in the experimental CVS version, but the fix was mistakenly left out of the ScummVM 0.6.1 release.

If you encounter this glitch, the recommended work around is to set the Extra Path to the saved game directory. ScummVM 0.6.1b will be released soon to correct this issue.

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