July 26th, 2004 by Crusader

id Software made a few post-gold updates to their websites:

  • pointed out that the DOOM Collector’s Edition, containing the WAD files for Ultimate DOOM, DOOM II, and Final DOOM, is available. There’s a plethora of DOOM engine source ports to Linux (DOOM’s source code was GPL’ed many years ago) that you could use to play this collection.
  • The DOOM III website now has more content, including a clip of the theme song by tweaker (there’s a Billboard article concerning the music here). The site also prominently displays the August 3rd ship date for North America.
  • The Union Aerospace Corporation site (the sinister company behind the ill-fated teleportation experiments in the DOOM storylines) is now displaying a countdown to the demonic invasion and end of life on this plane of existe– I mean the ship date.

GameSpy spoke with id programmer Robert Duffy about DOOM III’s multiplayer networking scheme; Duffy had this to say regarding the Linux dedicated server (the client was not mentioned):

RD: The Win32 dedicated server works out of the box and the dedicated Linux version should be available around when the game hits store shelves. That does not mean it will be available but it should be.

G4TechTV ran several interviews with id personnel over the past week: Pulse spoke with id employees about DOOM III in general and showed new footage of the game, while Icons devoted an entire show to the history of the DOOM series. Both of these segments have been posted online and can be downloaded from 3D Gamers’ DOOM III section.

Shacknews also pointed out another brief interview on G4TechTV in which id’s Todd Hollenshead stated that Return to Castle Wolfenstein II is in development at another studio; no further details have been made available at present.

HomeLAN Fed spoke with the author of an upcoming book that follows the development of DOOM III.

id also supplied [H]ard|OCP with benchmarks for DOOM III on higher-end video cards. The results won’t translate to the Linux build due to OS and driver differences, but it should give a rough idea how NVIDIA 6800-class and 5950 Ultra cards would perform on your machine. There were also these comments from John Carmack:

It should be noted that all of the modern cards play the game very well, and benchmark scores should not be the be-all-end-all decision maker. Scores will probably improve somewhat with future driver releases, and other factors like dual slots or dual power connectors can weigh against some of the high end cards.[…]A note on overclocking: it is very likely that overclocked configurations that “play everything else perfectly” will start to show problems on D3 due to new usage patterns. Everyone is of course free to do whatever they want with their own hardware, but don’t complain to us…

Finally, id made the rounds at several gaming websites last Friday and answered various questions :

Among the interesting things mentioned:

  • It will ship on 3 CD’s
  • A demo is being worked on
  • Environmental sounds were used in lieu of the traditional id score/soundtrack
  • Multiplayer is client/server-based for 4 players due to concerns over bandwidth bottlenecks. Game modes are all deathmatch variations: FFA, team dm, tournament, and last man standing
  • id’s next project will be a new property, not a sequel to an existing franchise
  • Raven Software is still working on the Quake 2-sequel Quake 4, which uses the DOOM III engine

Update by zakk
In addition to the above, id’s Robert Duffy has updated his .plan with a huge post regarding Doom 3 system requirements. Covering what amount of VRAM you’ll need for certain across-the-board video quality levels in the game, in addition to mentioning that Doom 3 is using Ogg Vorbis and a variety of other snippets of detail on RAM usage and such.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Anyone know if Q4 be available to the trinity of platforms, too? (i.e. Win, Linux, Mac)

  2. PJ_Hooker Says:

    Ah, man. No Coop? How disappointing. :-(

  3. Anonymous Says:

    about a month after release is my guess.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Weird. I can’t get the web site to render properly. The right side of it doesn’t show, it’s just grey. I get a part of the DOOM3 logo in the left frame.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    what is this BS with ID giving M$ out of the box but leaving us in the dust..I could give a rats a** if its coming ‘latre’ for us or not..I feel VERy strongly that this is a HUGE slap in the face to linux….the point is we should get it IN THE BOX…what is wrong with these developers anyway ???..if : was able to give linux a native game AND A NATIVE EDITOR..what the hell is wrong with ID???????????????

    to me its politics and i’m also willing to go out on limb and say M$ BS is behind this latest feeble crossplatform attempt…

    makes ID look damn silly business wize.

    anonymous gamer dude

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Dunno if there will be a Linux port but every Quake had Linux binaries. Would be a shame if Q4 didn’t.

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