Source for Retail Linux Games?

July 22nd, 2004 by Crusader

A reader fired in the following question for discussion:

Not news so much as a question that I hope the community can answer: Where do you buy the (few) retail Linux games that are available? I have tried to do business with Tux Games, but so far both of the orders I have placed with them have turned into total nightmares. The first one (UT2K4) arrived 6 weeks late, and the second (MOHAA) is six weeks late now, and has yet to arrive. Needless to say, I am wary of doing any more business with them…

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  1. mrew Says:

    I have always obtained my Linux games through TuxGames. Yes it’s true that they seem to take a little longer than the larger mainstream retail outlets but they always get the job done in the end. I’ve purchased UT2003, UT2004, Neverwinternights, FAKK2, Decent3, Majesty, Savage and Medal of Honour all from there. The only one that never arrived was Medal of Honour – but a quick email resolved the problem and a replacement copy was sent very quickly – so no complaints from here. Just don’t expect to get your game arriving on your doormat on the release date :)

    Of course with games like UT/NWN/Doom 3/Savage you can just buy the Windows version from any retail store and download the Linux binaries (if necessary) which will usually let you get these titles quicker and cheaper – but I prefer to support tuxgames even in these cases.

    Now I’m just waiting for Doom 3 to be released so I can order that from TG too….

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I think that TuxGames and LGP are both in dire straits

    There is no enough buyers of Linux games to keep a business afloat

  3. zborgerd Says:

    I order all of my games through TuxGames. Most of the time, they’ve arrived very quickly. Only in one instance did I have a problem, when I ordered Myth 2. That’s when the game shipped out of their “Texas office”. To my understanding, a handful of the games ship out of a place in Texas for some titles (mostly Loki stuff). That order took several weeks to arrive because there were some complications.

    Other than that, games ship out from TuxGames in Nottingham in a reasonably reliable manner (in my experience). I’m not certain that I like the shipping company that they use though.

    I’ve asked Michael Simms if there are any better methods of shipping games to the USA, such as our inexpensive “global priority mail” system. I’ve used that to ship things I’ve sold on Ebay. It only costs $5 (for 4×10 envelopes, which is enough for a DVD-case game) or $10 (for a box – max. length 24″, Max. length, height, depth combined 36″), and normally takes 3 days to arrive at someone’s door. Unfortunately, I’m not sure that such a method is available in the UK.

    I wish that TuxGames had better local distribution (it’s good if you are in that area of Europe), but the cost of such operations would be too great for the amount of volume that they do.

    Still, I think that TuxGames is a reliable place to buy games. They always seem friendly and are pretty prompt about correcting any problems with shipping.

    My only complaints… The site isn’t always up-to-date (especially lately). I’ve also had some Epic games preordered since last fall (not exactly TuxGames’ fault), and I’m considering asking them if I can roll my payment over to an already released game instea (like UT2004).

  4. Anonymous Says:
    It’s a company out of Nebraska that I’ve been tempted to order from (but made the mistake of ording Creatures from TuxGames instead two months ago…is it just me or does TuxGames lose a lot of orders in shipping? Hopefully I see that game one day, my daughter loves the demo!)

    They have a decent selecting, even though it looks like they get most of their business from being a service/support company.

    It looks like has a small selection of games also

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I recently ordered MOHAA, RTCW and UT2004 from Tux Games. I received them within a week and a half. Just got them yesterday as a matter of fact. I’ve had a couple problems with Tux Games, but they have always been quick and efficient with resolving the issue and making me happy. I personally think Tux Games is one of the best businesses I have dealt with.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    I used to get my Linux games at Electronics Boutique back when they had a whole Linux gaming section in their store. Saidly, they got rid of that section to make room for a pre-owned PC games section. Interesting story though, I bought the last Linux game that they stocked. It was Heritic 2.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    I’m in New Zealand and have ordered NWN and both expansions, along with Majesty – all arrived in about 3 to 4 weeks.

    I’ve found Tux Games very reasonable and will continue to purchase from them in the future.

  8. chunky Says:

    And except for one or two examples, I’ve always ordered from.

    I got my first copy of CivCTP from linux emporium, and if you’re in the UK, I can highly recommend them for anything they have in stock. Which is, unfortauntely, lacking at times.

    For Rune, you can get the special edition from Human Head, now, and it includes the expansion…

    Gary (-;

  9. Anonymous Says:

    I have bought Linux games from Tuxgames and Linux Central online. The Tux shipment took awhile but I e-mailed them about it and recieved a prompt reply (it had to come to the US from the UK so it took a bit of time). I think they’re OK people to do business with, just a bit slow.

    I bought a couple of Loki games from EB awhile back because they were getting rid of their Linux stock and everything was dirt cheap.

    Other than that I buy the hybrid games and the games with downloadable binaries at regular retail stores.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    I have bought some games from Amazon before also.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    I have only once bought from TuxGames and it was Quake3, I never got a comfirm that they had got my order, so I had to mail them and ask, they said they sent the game, waited week and a half for to be on the sure side, but no. Mailed them again and they said they will send a new one, two weeks later I got the game, total I think it took around 5 weeks, so yes, I’m disapointed at the delivery.

    I must say I haven’t bought many games, as games aren’t really what I do, but NeverWinterNights and Quake2 I did buy at my local reseller and then downloaded the linux version from the net.

    At the moment I don’t see any great game title, so I will most likely not buy anything for a while… and the next game I buy, I hope there will be a LinuxPPC version too, or else it will just be a boring single player game…

  12. Anonymous Says:

    I’m relatively new to linux gaming. UT2004 I purchased at Target; NWN at Walmart. Doom 3 I’ll probably get at Best Buy. I’ll purchase the new Rune copy from the manufacturer direct. But I would like a source to order more Linux games from, and I probably will choose Tux Games. I would prefer someone in the United States, though. But I’m not going to buy from Tux Games just to support Linux gaming. The dollar rules all, and if I can get NWN + expansion from Walmart for the same price as just plain NWN from Tux Games, Walmart is getting my money.

    I do want Postal 2, so I may get that from Tux Games. It’s expensive, but I do want to support the native Linux port in that sense. But if I could get it from someplace in the U.S., I would.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    When lokigames was in business, I would buy straight from them (except in the good ol’ days when I could buy linux games at software etc. in my local mall… boy weren’t THOSE the days }:o) ).

    If there is a windows game with linux binaries available online or on the cd however, I generally will buy it from my locally owned game shop (since he knows I use linux and orders what he can for me).

    If its a linux-only port, I buy it online direct if possible and cut out the middleman, thereby giving more total money to the game distributer.


  14. SQLBoy Says:

    I pre-ordered ‘Savage’ from Tux games. It was in my local Best Buy for two weeks before I just e-mailed and canceled my supposed ‘pre-order’. Usually Best Buy is about a week behind the offical release date too. For those of you who have ordered Doom3 from TuxGames…sucks to be you. Basically, your giving your right to play the game for what could be months after the official Linux release.

    Your best option and most convinient(read:which is what sales is all about) for games where the developer is doing the port and there is not official Linux box, is just buying from your local shop. Giving Tux games the business is not sending any special message to Carmack or the world that Linux gaming is in demand. Please. Lets hop on the reality train for second.

    There is no magical marketing person in the sky that says ‘oh look, a Tux games order, thats +1 for the Linux camp. You buy from here, you buy from there, basically its all a ‘PC sale’, if you want to be counted ‘REGISTER THE GAME’ and in that snail mail form include a written notice about how Linux is the bomb shit and you want to see more Linux games.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    I ordered UT2004 and Majesty, from tuxgames.
    I’m in the UK so expect a pretty quick delivery. I’d immediately got a response about my credit card being charged. When they hadn’t arrived on the third day, I emailled… They were probably “borrowed” in the post (hehe, hopefully it encorages linux adoption in philandering postal workers)…

    Today (less than a week from my original order) I am holding my new deliveries.

    tuxgames run a really good mail order business, as a small company.

  16. Anonymous Says:

    Tux Games have allways shiped games to me on time and they provide a cd with any Linux related binarys and installers. I think one thing that slows them down is the fact that they make these cd’s with any needed binarys. I wish i would of got a copy NWN from them as downloading 1GB of game id just purchased was not fun but i guess it was a little cheaper.

    Im guessing i will get my copy of Doom3 a little late but i dont think there will be any Linux binarys for a while after the release(from what ive been reading) so when i do get my copy of Doom3 from them at least i know i can play it in Linux.

  17. bobcat Says:

    I’ve ordered several games from TG and they came in as expected, except one. When I asked for my NWN (due to the client slipping and slipping) I think I threw a wrench in the works. They eventually got me a copy. But yeah, same story, lost in the mail, did ship, didn’t ship, unknown….. They resolved it after a few emails.

    I suspect they did not actually have NWN on hand when I asked for mine early without Linux binaries. So I can understand it. Everything else has been fast.

  18. makka Says:

    few games people are mentioning have absolutely no relevance,

    1) ut2004, the linux binaries are included on the windows disc, so no point in buying it from tuxgames ?

    2) savage, u can download this straight from savage site upon purchase, and the linux version in also included on the windows disc.

    3) doom3, id software has said that there will be NO commercial linux version, instead (as with quake3) the linux binaries will be released for download shortly after the windows release.

  19. bdove Says:

    I have ordered from tuxgames several times without any problems.

    FYI =D

    I will continue to order there (doom3 on preorder already)

  20. Anonymous Says: strikes me as odd that so many copies seem to be lost in the mail. I experienced it as well.
    However, I am very satisfied with tuxgames as they, judging from my own and above experiences, always promptly resend the order to you. That makes it, imho, a very good company to do business with.

  21. Anonymous Says:

    I’m in the US, and have purchased a number of titles from TuxGames. They do take a fair amount of time to get the merchandise to you (longer than I’m used to with US-based distributors). The first time I bought a game from them, I ended up emailing them, sure that my order hadn’t gone through. I got an email response quickly. My package arrived two days later — just still in the mail.

    You have to be patient with them, but in my experience, TuxGames does get the product to you. You just have to adjust your shipping time expectations a bit. They’re probably great if you live in the UK (where they’re based), but frusteratingly slow if you’re in the US.

    If you plan to play a game from them over a vacation or something, order it *well* in advance.

    As someone else pointed out, it would be nice if they offered more expensive and faster shipping as an option.

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