DOOM III Linux Update

July 15th, 2004 by Crusader

News from the .plan of Todd Hollenshead, id CEO:

A few bottles of champagne later (so excuse the typos)….

First of all, thank you to everyone who sent congratulatory notes on the GOLD announcement. I speak foreveryone at id when I say I wish I could respond to everyone personally, but hopefully this general notecan convey how much we sincerely appreciate the sentiment from everyone out there waiting for the game.

A few people have reminded me of some details omitted from my initial update:

Mac and Linux: Unfortunately I don’t have dates for either of these. However, Linux binaries will beavailable very soon after the PC game hits store shelves. There are no plans for boxed Linux games.More remains to be done for the OSX version of DOOM 3 and that will take some time. We won’t releasethe OSX version until it’s just as polished as the PC version. The date for OSX DOOM 3 remains “when it’sdone”, but I can confirm that it’s definitely coming.

Demo: our priority was finishing the game first and now we are turning our attention to the demo. Idon’t have any information to share regarding any specific content, but I don’t believe that we haveever disappointed in that regard in the past. We will release the demo as soon as it’s done, but thisprobably won’t happen until after the game has arrived on U.S. store shelves.

Last, but not least, the id Store: we will have copies of DOOM 3 available, but only after we get them.I’m sure that some of the hardcore game retailers will get them even before we do. Check our website forupdates on this. We certainly appreciate everyone who has helped to make the id Store a huge success thisyear. By the way, more DOOM 3 T-Shirts just arrived, so those popular items are back in stock and will beavailable this week.

I understand that people have lots and lots of questions. We’re working on pulling together some form ofan official FAQ, but even though we’re done we still have several responsibilities that are urgent as thegame heads for retail. Please bear with us on this.

I know I owe you those preparation tips, but they will have to wait until tomorrow.

12 Responses to “DOOM III Linux Update”

  1. Jestrzcap Says:

    It seems that I’m once again going to miss out on a game until well after the release date due to some missing “features” (demo, linux support). Im not even confident that my system will run the game satisfactorily. That being said, I will probably purchase Half-life 2 the day it comes out (what the hell is wrong with me?!?).

    Completely off topic, cedega is a sastifying way to play CS (steam is really neat too).

  2. Anonymous Says:

    ::sigh:: No binaries in the box? Whether we get binaries later or not, it’s still unfortunate to admit that a) we’re not worth putting in the box, and b) that will make installation so much more of a pita.

    Remember kids, order from Tuxgames, they’ll stick a CD with the installer in the box before shipping to you. Plus it helps “prove” you’re using your copy for Linux. (No, tracking Linux clients online doesn’t help much, given how many people there are like me that only LAN play to avoid the frothing idiots on online games.)

  3. Anonymous Says:

    if we get into another saga like the long-running agony that was NWN support, then iD will face a backlash they can ill afford. I cannot see why UT2004 can support loki installers on their CDs and iD can’t be bothered.

  4. Conzar Says:

    Looks like we can only depend on Epic to provide linux gaming for big hits. I bought the 2k4 special pack and it was well worth the 40 bucks that I dropped for it.

    Can I justify paying 50 bucks for doom3 when their moto is “its down when its down”; however, their game isn’t done. Its only 1/4 done if you look at the systems its supposed to support. Xbox, Linux, and Mac will not have a doom 3 game when its released.

  5. DaveALinux Says:

    Frankly, I’m happy to be getting a client at all. Bitching about not being on the CD is just petty. I have no problem waiting under the Linux client is done. Hell, it means I’ll probably be paying less for the game!

  6. Anonymous Says:

    ID invented Linux support.. You guys need to be happy they supply a port at all. The linux gaming community is a spec and is lucky to get a client at all.

    I’m willing to bet that most of you cry as if it is your only way to play a game yet you in linux via a boot cd :-#

  7. Anonymous Says:

    while( Linux_binarys_not_on_CD() )
    if (date < 2006)

    Greetings from Happy Coder.

    I hope John Carmack understands this. ;)

  8. Anonymous Says:

    I ordered way back when Doom3 was announced. I predict it’ll be about a week or two after the release before we get the binaries. But the cool thing is, I could give a crap. I’ll get the linux version no matter.

    It’s too bad nothing but windows is boxed, but we aren’t the only one’s slighted here, so it ain’t that big a deal. And if playing a game a week earlier was gonna compel me to use windows, I would never have used linux to begin with. That’s just dumbass. Time is relative here, especially since it’s a single player game. Not a big deal.

  9. digitalphant0m Says:

    I can’t beleive some of you are going to actually boot up Winder’s to play again, instead of just waiting a few weeks.

    And as for all of you complaining about the non-disclosed release date for Linux. Tough shit.

    I love love, and I use it exclusivly, but I also realize that there is not a big enough (unfortunatly) market for Linux software for companies to start putting Linux versions on the shelf.

    Linux has a way’s to go before the average idiot can buy a Linux distribution off the shelf and be able to use it as easily as a Mac.

    Don’t get me wrong, Linux is still the best, but let’s face it, most of us using it are either programmers or systems-administrator.

    I myself am just happy ID is willing to consitantly relase quality binaries for Linux, right now, that’s enough for me.

  10. God2U Says:

    You monkeys ever hear of WINE? I loaded D3 a mere 20 minutes after the store opened, and it runs great!

  11. thegoalie Says:

    bitching about if ID will produce a linux binary will not make them go any faster. now in the past they always ported their games to linux. i bought two boxed linux quakes in the past and i had no problems with it. now with epic they put the linux installer on the cd but when you have a problem with the game there is no support from atari which distibutes the game which sucks. i think it going to be the same with doom 3 . Activision has no intention or will ever have intentions to support linux . these distributors dont give a shit about linux gamers becasue there are not enough of them in the marketplace to care . that might change if we shut up and promote linux to the masses and show people that linux isnt for geeks anymore.

  12. Xanthian Says:

    It’s all very well and good for you who will convert to windows XP in the meantime, waiting for the binaries, to be happy. It’s equally well and good for those of you who can happily wait for the linux binaries all the same.

    What I find unbearable, however, is the TOTAL LACK OF SUPPORT FOR ANYTHING IN THIS GAME!!

    Firstly, you can’t even get hardware good enough to play with all the frills… somewhat wasteful in a rather dark and non-visible game.

    Secondly, I keep my system in dual-boot for a reason; Windows is meant to support games that Linux won’t, or won’t decently enough. I’ve got UT2004 playing in Linux, though, and Wine will emulate everything else (Diablo II and Warcraft III for starters). However, even I have a cause for concern; I can’t play Doom 3 EITHER!!

    Why, you may ask?? [b]BECAUSE I OWN WINDOWS 98 SE[/b] — the last version of windows to not kill DOS altogether (the last version of windows not to use NTFS too, if I’m not mistaken, meaning that I could actually install linux afterward). Not only does Doom 3 NOT support linux, it does NOT support windows, and it is NOT supported in WINE unless you truly possess god-like equipment, and even then you’d be pushing it. I consciously continue to use 98 because it’s the last remaining version of windows to have DOS. Apparently DOS was removed for security reasons; what a miracle, then, that 98 is far less susceptible to virus and worm attack than its more recent counterparts, don’t you think?

    But enough about Microsoft…

    I can’t play doom point 1:
    It won’t play on linux natively.

    I can’t play doom point 2:
    It won’t play under winex because of obscene system resources necessary.

    I can’t play doom point 3:
    It won’t even play under f***ing windows, either!!

    Seriously, ID, what the hell were you thinking?

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