July 14th, 2004 by Crusader

id Software’s Todd Hollenshead updated his .plan file with the following announcement (which presumably refers to the Win32 version only right now – as soon as we receive word on the status of the Linux build we’ll let you know):

IT’S DONE!!!!!!!

Yes, this is the official word that DOOM 3 has been code released and has been approved for manufacturing!It won’t be long now until the anticipation ends and the PH34R begins ;-) We literally just hung up withActivision and have confirmed that our latest release candidate has been mutually approved and is finallyGOLD. Thanks to everyone for their patience (yeah right! =) and for everyone at id, Activision and ournumerous partners for helping us create what I believe is absolutely the best game we have ever made.

So, the next question is release dates. Retailers in the States will be allowed to pick up games startingat 12:01 AM on August 3rd. The official street date is actually August 5th in the U.S.A., but some ofyour favorite stores will probably have it early for those of you who have to have it first. Check withyour local retailer for that information.

Internationally, the game will take a few more days to make it to the store shelves. The UK will probably get it first, on or about August 6th. Everywhere else will probably be Friday, August 13th (que Twilight Zone Theme) or close to that date, with just a few exceptions (e.g. Russia and Poland). This isn’tbecause we don’t have love for you folks outside the U.S., but the localizationand manufacturing processtakes a bit longer outside the U.S. where we will have JVC run 24/7 to get the units built. I guess theEuropean manufacturers prefer to give their employees nights and weekends off.Go figure!

The champagne is flowing here at id and smiles abound!

I’ll update again with some DOOM 3 preparation tips (not what hardware to buy -you’ll have to wait fora programmer for that sort of thing). In the meantime, I want to see those “DOOM 3 GOLD!!!” threads setnew records for swamping message board servers, destroying productivity, and post counts ;-)

Recapping today’s headlines….DOOM 3 GOLD!!!

Edit: here’s the official press release:

Mesquite, TX – July 14, 2004 – See you in Hell! id SoftwareTM and Activision, Inc. (Nasdaq: ATVI) confirmed today that id Software’s highly anticipated DOOM 3TM for the PC has entered manufacturing and will begin shipping to retail stores worldwide the week of August 2. A sci-fi horror masterpiece, DOOM 3’s dramatic storyline, pulse-pounding action, incredible graphics, and ground-breaking technology combine to draw you into the most frightening and gripping first-person gaming experience ever created.

“DOOM 3 is done! And you’re going to have it in your hands in a matter of days,” said Todd Hollenshead, CEO, id Software. “DOOM 3 is a videogame experience unlike any before it. From the cinema quality visuals and the incredible 5.1 sound, to the terrifying atmosphere and hyper-realistic environments, the whole game screams ‘interactive horror film!’ Add in the most ferocious line up of demons Hell has ever brought to bear, and you have an experience so intense that you’ll need to keep your heart medicine handy.”

Built on id’s revolutionary new 3D technology, DOOM 3 is a terrifying battle with the forces of Hell. In DOOM 3, your recent assignment to the Union Aerospace Corporation’s Mars research facility seemed simple enough, until their discoveries and experiments unlocked the gates to Hell itself. Now, in an epic clash against pure evil you must fight to understand who is with you, who is against you, and what must be done to stop this nightmare from reaching earth. For more information, fans can visit DOOM 3 has been rated “M” for Mature by the ESRB.

9 Responses to “DOOM III Gold”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    life’s making sense again.

    mfg steff.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I know id will support linux but will they include the linux kit on the CD or will it be a download?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I will chech it on Emule first, cant wait it “Internationally, the game will take a few more days to make it to the store shelves”, becouse these “few” days in my country can least forewer…

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I’m fiddling with the Doom3 multiplayer client featured at QuakeCon 2004.

    j1bb0r me terrafl0ps! ID Software got it quite tuned down so you don’t need a Thuderbird reactor or even a Coppermine blasting furnace to run this thing. It’ll run on a AMD K6-2 400MHz with a GeForce3 slowly, near unplayable; but let me tell you how fast it runs on my Alpha ev56!


    You Already Know Who I Am,

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Nvidia, I presume, but what’s the best model to get?

  6. Archwyrm Says:

    [q]In the meantime, I want to see those “DOOM 3 GOLD!!!” threads set new records for swamping message board servers, destroying productivity, and pos t counts ;-)[/q]

    You heard the man, get posting! ;)

  7. Anonymous Says:

    I might get a new gfx card due to this game and i dont think ill be getting another ATI.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Will we be seeing a linux amd64 binary available?

  9. Anonymous Says:

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