OpenQuartz available

July 17th, 2004 by Marv

OpenQuartz is a new approach to the free Quake engine with an attempt to provide GPL-licensed artwork for projects wanting open-sourced code and content for Quake. QuakeC will be used to control the behavior and rules of the game with the graphics, maps, models and sounds in the pak files.ChangeLog for this version includes the following items.

  • Bot Support When in deathmatch, just hit the “End” key or type “impulse 101″ at the console now.
  • The deathmatch maps (currently we have 13) are now accessible through the menu system.
  • There is an experimental new gametype “Deathmatch 7″ wich works with singleplayer maps.
  • A new map and new sounds and new monsters have been added.

The project still needs replacements for several of the original monsters, please contribute if you can.

Download: [ OpenQuartz 2004.07.11 ]

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  1. theoddone33 Says:

    It’s “new” in that it’s been around since I was part of the QuakeForge project some 5 years ago.

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