Emergence 0.6.1

July 9th, 2004 by Marv

Emergence which is a network only mulitplayer space combat game has been updated to release 0.6.1. Changes with this release include the following items:

  • much improved stability and performance
  • new weapons in default skin
  • more sound effects
  • much improved weapon respawning code
  • customizable rail trails, smoke, plasmas and shields
  • improved attached weapon physics
  • some server/client inconsistency issues resolved
  • home package structure much cleaner
  • choose nice vid_mode on first run
  • the console is now coloured
  • fps now outputted on demo completion
  • up/down/left/right now work again as controls
  • up/down now work again as command history
  • key-based rolling
  • clearer package filenames
  • mouse_speed cvar
  • minigun fire rate increased
  • fixed default demo playback on startup
  • more default key controls

Download: [ Emergence 0.6.1 ]

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Is it me or is there nothing on the homepage? It looks completely devoid of content.

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