UnrealEngine 3 and Linux

July 6th, 2004 by Crusader

A reader asked in a comment whether or not it was confirmed that the next version of the Unreal engine, UnrealEngine 3, would have Linux support. In an interview with, Epic’s Mark Rein had this to say:

Eurogamer: The owners of other cards will be asking what compromises will there be for their cards?

Mark Rein: None. It’s not about making the game not run well on other cards. We’d be totally stupid to not run well on ATI cards. There are a large percentage of people who have those cards. We even have a software renderer in our Unreal 2 engine, so we can run on a 2D card! We’d be stupid to deliver a bad experience. We want to make the game run the best it can on every customer’s system – that’s our absolute goal, and not doing that doesn’t help Nvidia any more than it doesn’t help us, so that’s something we always strive to do. We even run on Linux, we run on Mac. We work really hard to have the largest audience of gamers we can possibly have.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    I am thankful you support 2D graphics rendering in your Unreal engines and especially your recent UnrealEngine3. This makes gaming much more bearable as I have always desired responsiveness over low framerate. If it weren’t too big of a favor to ask, could you support a GGI ( graphics rendering path; that multiple X servers could span low latency X11 sessions for high-resolution 2D graphics? GGI is a great 2D graphics library that is often neglected. GGI would allow you to not need to directly write code for X11 because that is handled by GGI; and GGI is flexible for having rendering paths even from itself!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Get a f-cking job and buy a nvidia card.

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