WineX 4.0, Cedega

June 23rd, 2004 by Alkini

TransGaming sent out this PR announcing the release of WineX 4.0, which is apparently being called “Cedega” now:

TransGaming Unveils WineX 4.0 And Announces New Product Name: Cedega

Toronto/Ottawa — June 22, 2004 — TransGaming today unveils the milestone release of version 4.0 of its flagship product, WineX, which has been renamed to Cedega. Cedega allows Windows (R) games to seamlessly and transparently run under Linux, out-of-the-box, with outstanding performance and equivalent game-play. Cedega 4.0 includes support for Microsoft (R) DirectX (R) 9.0, significantly broadening the scope and availability of the latest triple “A” titles for avid Linux gamers. The landmark release of Cedega 4.0 adds support for new blockbuster DirectX 9.0 titles such as EA’s (TM) Battlefield Vietnam (TM), Eidos’ (TM) Hitman: Contracts (c), and LucasArts’ (c) Star Wars (TM)Galaxies (TM), bringing the total number of games supported under Cedega to well over 300. Furthermore, Cedega features unprecedented support for NCSoft’s (R) recentlyreleased massive multiplayer online game, City of Heroes (R) and Blizzard Entertainment’s (R) unreleased but highly anticipated Worlds of WarCraft (R).

Cedega (Se-day-gah) – [noun] – a unique variety of grape used to make some of the finest Port Wines in the world; an innovative portability technology developed by TransGaming that allows Windows games to run on Linux.

“Cedega 4.0 represents an amazing evolution of our Linux product. Thus, it was only fitting to give it a new name; a name that is representative of our product’s maturity, complexity, sophistication, and elegance. The new name, Cedega, is meaningful and reflects the significant growth that both the product and TransGaming have enjoyed over the last few years,” comments Vikas Gupta, Co-CEOand President of TransGaming Technologies.

From a technical standpoint, this release sets a new benchmark for the support of games on Linux. “The Cedega 4.0 release contains more technological innovation than any previous TransGaming release and truly represents a milestone in game software portability. Cedega 4.0 supports titles that make use of the DirectX 9.0 API as well as advanced Pixel and Vertex shaders. Cedega 4.0 also includes a new advanced inter-process communication architecture that can double the speed of games which make heavy use of Win32 kernel synchronization primitives,” remarks Gavriel State, CTO & Co-CEO of TransGaming Technologies.

To keep pace with the growth of Linux worldwide and to more effectively meet consumer demands internationally, TransGaming is also pleased to announce the European launch of Cedega 4.0. European customers and subscribers can now pay in Euros, a feature that has been much anticipated and will cater specifically to the rapidly growing Linux community in European countries. Cedega 4.0 includes an updated version of its user friendly interface, Point2Play, with multiple language support for English, Dutch, Danish, Portuguese and German.

Update (3:44pm CDT): LinuxInsider interviewed me briefly about this news and included some quotes in their article; I did my best to remain diplomatic.

14 Responses to “WineX 4.0, Cedega”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Just to be fair, I got WineX 3.3.2 (or whatever it was) to play KotoR almost perfectly (some issues with cutscenes and hardware mouse). It definitely came in handy when my Windows drive died, and I was left with a bunch of game installs on another HD :).

    Quick question: does anyone know if Point2Play stops functioning when your subscription ends?


  2. Anonymous Says:

    i got it! seems like hle 1,5 running bit better. Will test gt-vc soon…

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I hear this is the release of WineX that will turn the tides on Win32 games in general.

    Cedega, previously WineX 4.0; is the version they are intending to sell and this will bring the WineX Developers to return WineX back to the original’s Wine CVS tree, as they promised and postponed.

    But we’ll wait and see. WineX turned out to be a bunch of successfull programmers and all of you jerks (including me, lol) said you would boycott them.

  4. friedmud Says:

    Has anyone out there tried Joint Operations with this??

    I am thinking about buying this game – if I could play it in linux it would be sweet.

    What happened to the database of games that used to be hosted by Transgaming?? I used to subscribe and there was a searchable list of games and how well they worked available. Is it just gone now?


  5. Anonymous Says:

    _I used to subscribe and there was a searchable list of games and how well they worked available. Is it just gone now?_

    maybe u don’t need forums anymore :) – tried nitrofamily (serious sam + havoc engine) RUNS PERFECTLY. Small control settings issue, maybe becouse I used copy from windows partition…I think, S4 rocks

  6. bobcat Says:

    To bad they took down the list of games. I was going to cut and paste the list of 5 games (Including Sims and Kohan non-ports) and make a point about their claims of 300 games, yet they only listed 5 or so as being “5”‘s (read – “supported”). Oh well, back to Neverwither Nights and Unreal Tourney 2004……. native.

  7. chunky Says:

    Here’s the thing. In all fairness, they do release all the source that they’re allowed to. ie, no macromedia copy-protection shit. But most of their directX changes have been released, as far as I can tell.

    “Unfortunately, external factors such as the LGPL relicensing of the Wine code made it impossible for us to maintain that model.”


    The relicensing of someone else’s codebase SHOULD NOT HAVE STOPPED ANY CODE RELEASES. They /could/ still release all their code, since the stuff they’re working from is still X11-licensed. Their work /could/ be recontributed into the winehq tree, if they give permission, but they can’t take code back from the tree.

    One of two things has happened:
    1) Their sales figures aren’t yet at 20 thousand, in which case they’re technically releasing more than they promised, already.
    2) They made a promise, and failed to keep it.

    Because they’re privately owned, they don’t have to release any figures at all, which is why we don’t know.
    I’d actually like to think that they’ve not yet got 20k subscribers, and I continue to hope that as a company they die a horrible, painful death as an example to all. But I don’t think I’ll hold my breath, since I’d guess that they’re actually keeping alive through their OSX work. And as long as they’re alive, they’ll continue to fuck linux gaming sideways.

    Either way, I don’t know if I even give a fuck anymore.

    For as long as people keep giving money to them instead of real linux game companies, you’ll continue to see shitty, low-quality, badly-supported “ports” instead of real ones. I’ve never given them money, and I’d urge you not to either. But frankly, lots of people out there /do/ give them money, so they’re still around.

    Of course, all this isn’t to say I support transgaming. I personally find their behaviour offensive to the linux community in general and pretty much reprehensible. But if you’re gonna bash them, at least bash them for what they’re doing wrong, not some whiny ranty half-assed slashdot bullshit.

    Gary (-;

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Instled Painkiler on my 1.8 xp athlon NV2mx400 (fedora core2). When I use old command winex3 – game loads and sudenly craches. When I use “sedega” – game runs like it does on windows duron 900 NV5200fx. Now I’m feeling like real linuxgamer…

  9. Anonymous Says:

    we want to see linux increase in market share..
    we PAY to play windows games IN linux
    we have to PAY for this right every MONTH
    we only get ‘5’ games with top rating
    we get half-baked stuff from the rest
    we see transgaming supporting macOSX

    ‘I’ find that illogical to an extreme and I would also conjecture that ONLY those using winex are those trying to bring DOwn LINUX..SO MAYBE you winex supporters are really ‘windows’ users playing with linux for priviledge of trying to stiffle native linux ports…

    we all know linux native ports are the ONLY way to unless you want ‘labled’ as a windows supporter and linux TRAITOR..I suggest buying/using ONLY linux games..

    chow baby

  10. Anonymous Says:

    The games list is here:

  11. Anonymous Says:

    If this game can run under Cedega, all politics aside, I will gladly hand-over $15.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    I was running the 3.3.2 release, And i just installed the 4.0 “cedega” and my games all run slower, or don’t run at all.. And i tried some *new* games, and the installer now refuses to run, where as before it did..

  13. Gore Says:

    This song goes out to all the wine/winex users and developers out there:

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