Dominions II: The Ascension Wars 2.12

June 8th, 2004 by Crusader

Illwinter Game Design and Shrapnel Games have announced therelease of the version 2.12 patch for Dominions II: TheAscension Wars, a fantasy-themed strategy game(demodownloads).Changes:

  • Two new units for Desert Tombs.
  • Carrion Woods gets extra sagittarians in forest temples.
  • On demand texture loading. This results in about one second faster startup and alt-tab times.
  • Squad sizes were sometimes wrong in the army setup screen.
  • Master Password usable for network clients too.

Dominions II: The Ascension Wars 2.12 Patch Download: [ x86| PowerPC ]

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    This is a really good game. I just wish that Tuxgames would get more in stock so I could order it. It’s a few $$$ cheaper, and I want to support my favorite Linux game store.

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