Linspire/TransGaming Alliance

April 26th, 2004 by Crusader

TransGaming sent in the following press release last week (hey, you try navigating my inbox in a timely manner sometime! :( ):

TransGaming Technologies and Lindows, Inc. Partner to Bring Access to “Triple A” PC Games to Linspire Customers

Toronto, Canada / San Diego, California- April 22, 2004 – TransGamingTechnologies and Lindows, Inc. announced today an agreement to distributeTransGaming’s WineX to Linspire customers through Linspire’s softwareWarehouse. WineX is a unique portability product which provides users withthe ability to play “triple A” blockbuster PC games on their Linspiredesktops seamlessly and transparently.

TransGaming and Lindows have been strong supporters of each other’sinitiatives for some time. TransGaming is a leading cross-platform softwareportability specialist. Lindows is the developer of Linspire, a Linux-basedoperating system bringing affordability and ease-of-use to homes, schoolsand businesses. The two companies complement each other’s efforts in makingsoftware choice available in the computer market.

“I feel Michael Robertson has done a commendable job in establishingLinspire in the desktop Linux market. His customers have been seeking theability to play games on Linspire and now, with WineX, their experience willbe further enriched. With the growth of the global Linux market bothorganizations felt this was the most opportune time to formally partnertogether,” remarked Vikas Gupta, Co-CEO and President of TransGamingTechnologies.Technologies.

“WineX allows users to realize the benefits of desktop Linux without havingto give up favorite gaming programs,” said Michael Robertson, chiefexecutive officer of Lindows, Inc. “TransGaming’s innovative product bridgesthe gap for computer gamers looking for an alternative to Microsoft Windows,and is now available with just one click.”

TransGaming’s WineX will be available to Linspire users directly through CNR(short for click and run) in the Linspire Warehouse( CNR technology is built into every copy ofLinspire and enables one-click download and installation of software fromthe Warehouse onto Linspire computers. The Warehouse currently includesmore than 1,800 programs, easily searchable by keyword and browsable bycategory. The Warehouse also offers drag-and-drop personalized softwareaisle creation for any user to create individualized groups of favoriteprograms. WineX has been especially optimized to deliver the bestperformance and game play experience on Linspire computers.

6 Responses to “Linspire/TransGaming Alliance”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Lindows (erm..[i]linspire[/i]) native binaries perform like sludge (it takes over a minute to boot on my PIII 800 laptop). I can’t even inagine the hell that would come from non-native programs.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    WineX is EVIL

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Despite being a supporter and advocate of Alpha architectures and a general dis-respector of all
    things M$ Windoughs ([i][/i]), I have
    one thing to say about the current WineX as compared with Wine from

    WineX has better win16 support, meaning it did not break in its development, as opposed to Wine’s current win16 support.

    And I have one thing good to say about Lindows…
    The developers that have created Lindows understand the meaning of KISS: in effect, Lindows is easiest to use next to {K/G}noppix; the greatest desktop assembly for a single-user personal computer.

    That is all.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    lindows is trash as is wineX..both are hurting linux since both dont live up to what linux truly is all and something that just flat works…le me explain

    games in wineX we all know are flakey PERIOD.
    linspire can’t handle something as simple as apt-get install blah without breaking itself

    so you tell me…is it a good say they deserve each other and trust me I wont be using EITHER….

    native games ALL THE WAY….or have your forgotten your roots ??

    also..I think its high time LINSPIRE fessed up and proved ‘why’ its safe from any SCO lawsuits!!!!!

    ta ;-)!

  5. chunky Says:

    Michael Robertson today announced his latest attempt at getting on the shit-list for all three remaining Linux users not already pissed at him for creating a demo HOW-NOT-TO Linux system, then attempting to actually selling it as a “real” operating system.

    In an intruiging twist on his normal business plan, he has now alienated /only/ three people in the latest move, all of whom mumbled something about linux games being the way forward, then dropping into incoherent rambling about YAUT2k.

    Other Linux users, our apparent token “gamer” group, mentioned linux gaming already being dead, mostly through intense marketing and disinformation efforts by “Open-Source” company Transgaming with lead Gav “Look at my hat” State. Prime factors in their arguments appear to include repeated use of the letters “O”, “S”, and “X”, reflecting the new up-and-coming group of Linux users, who nowadays appreciate the Sesame Street nature of modern linux distributions.

    Gary (-;

  6. Anonymous Says:

    The President of Lindows that is, the danger is not so much about other companies like Microsoft trying to undermine it, but it is the little inter-fights and troll in the open source community that makes them more vulnerable.

    Linsprie is doing their customers good. They don’t want to download and compile program, or go through dependency hell, they just want to install them with few clicks.

    I’d rather pay few bucks for a nice service (like Click’n’Run) then waste MY time (TIME = MOMENY) in compiling some half baked open source application.

    Btw, I’m SUSE Pro user, I don’t use Linspire, but I don’t understand all this rage about this.

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