raw 0.1.0

April 24th, 2004 by Crusader

Version 0.1.0 of raw, a rewrite of Eric Chahi’s engine used in the game Another World/Out of this World. The original game’s datafiles are required; sound is also unsupported at present.

raw 0.1.0 Download: [ ]

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  1. bobcat Says:

    Dang it, lost my Apple IIGS discs!

  2. TheGreenKnight Says:

    Is this Delphine’s Another World?

    Delphine Software made some excellent games in that period: Future Wars, Operation Stealth, Flashback, Fade to Black and a Cruise for a Corpse (apparently so but I didn’t know). I guess though that you could run these in DOSBox without a problem, and Another World is available on the SNES via snes9x/zsnes. Would be nice to see a Delphine engine though, like SCUMMVM.

  3. zborgerd Says:

    Wow! I loved these games. They were very impressive, and fun – once you figured them out.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Well, I think the engine is more than likely the same for Heart of the Alien (which only came out for the SegaCD). Heart of the Alien is the sequel to Another World (it was called Out of this World when published in America. If I recall correctly, I bought the game “Another World” for my Atari ST (still have the box, if I could find it..) and the US version was published as Out of This World by US GOLD on several different platforms, inc. Genesis, SNES and the IBM PC.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    A rewrite or a clone? If it is a rewrite then does that me this guy is the author or one of the authors to the original engine and thus has some rights to the game? Just curious based on the way the article was worded.

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