Doom Legacy 1.42

April 20th, 2004 by Marv

Our friends over at DoomWorld have informed us that a new release of Doom Legacy has been announced. Changes in this release include:

  • get rid of FS hud pics on level exit and new game, also added exl’s fix for clearing hub variables on new game
  • SetObjPosition to work around spawning and removing objects
  • changed objstate to set state and return result of function, user can use other clues to find out what the state of an object is
  • objheal(): so there’s no pain state or noise; resurrect(): completely bring ‘em back
  • Added objstate(), which is modifed from Exl’s code and playerselwep() to complement playerweapon().
  • added ability to set with objangle()
  • Small fix – spawnmissile now returns mobj
  • added “Monsters Infight” for Dehacked patches
  • “kill” command added to the console
  • FS spawned items and monsters retain their z coordinates for respawning
  • bug fix: stop checking non-solids against other things; was responsible for corona movement bug in bug wad
  • new cvar added: screenshotdir

Download: [ Doom Legacy 1.42 ]

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    No matter how old the engine is. This game have something others don’t.
    Legacy Rulez! :)

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