Neverball 1.2.1 Released

April 14th, 2004 by jvm

Since our last update, Neverball has been updated to version 1.2.1. For the uninitiated, Neverball shares some similarities to Super Monkey Ball (for the Nintendo GameCube) and the arcade classic Marble Madness (by Atari): you guide a ball through a sequence of devilishly designed levels. The catch is that you don’t control the ball directly. Rather, you control the tilt of the floor under the ball, thereby inducing it to move. Without a light touch, things can get out of control quickly, and the levels present an increasing sequence of challenges. I recently installed this when it appeared in one of the Fedora yum repositories, and lost a good hour or two when I should have been doing work.

This new version also includes a new map set and Neverputt, a multiplayer putting game with the same engine.

Since Neverball is Free software and uses cross-platform technologies, namely OpenGL and SDL, it is available not just for Linux but also for Windows 2000/Windows XP, FreeBSD, and MacOS X. Building Neverball requires GCC 3.1.

Download Source: [ Neverball 1.2.1 ]

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