April Fools!

April 1st, 2004 by Crusader

I made a news post! That’s the joke.

I’m lazy this year. To make up for it, this will be a “What are you playing right now?” post. Feel free to list open source or commercial titles, or even projects you’re developing that haven’t been mentioned here in a while (or ever).

My list:

Wow that’s lengthy. I still have to get around to beating Uplink and Kohan someday also.

Finally, here’s a LG flashback to 1998 courtesy of the Internet Archive.

37 Responses to “April Fools!”

  1. Hohlraum Says:

    Modern computer games on my linux box.

    j/k april fools ;) hehe

  2. zborgerd Says:

    In other news, LGP has some betas that are going gold.

    Just kidding! Gotta keep you on your toes. ;)

  3. Anonymous Says:

    …The Battle For Wesnoth []

  4. Anonymous Says:

    native: Ut2004, Wolfenstein, Neverwinter Nights, Enemy Territory, vendetta, Q3:Clan Arena , Q3:Navy Seals, Q3:truecombat

    with winex (cvs): Far Cry, Medal of Honor, Counter-Strike (Steam), Tony Hawk 3, Wc3: TFT

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Half-Life (WINE)
    UT 2K4
    Frozen Bubble
    Neverwinter nights
    Jedi Knight 3: Jedi Academy (WINE)
    Kyodai Mahjong (WINE)
    Spider Solitaire (WINE)
    System Shock2 (WINE)
    vendetta test

    There might be a couple more…..this is all I could think of off the top of my head.


  6. NuTTeR Says:

    Quake 3 Urban Terror
    Tenebrae 1 & 2 (Quake 1 + industri)
    UT2004 (when it’s not crashing)
    NWN LOTR server
    Tux Racer

  7. Anonymous Says:

    CivCTP — This is still and will always be an fantastic game…



  8. Anonymous Says:

    Personally, I’m playing Duke Nukem Forever and Team Fortress 2 using the native Linux versions. Pretty fun games.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Enemy Territory
    Marble Blast
    Think Tanks
    MOH (PS2)

  10. Anonymous Says:

    1. Enemy territory
    2. Savage

  11. Anonymous Says:

    GPL WineX-3.0.x (thanks for the SecuROM source, gabby) + Starcraft + Linux FSGS,
    Heroes of Might and Magic 3
    All of the Quake series, and Tenebrae 1 & 2, and original Quake1 + XMen upgrade,
    Return To Castle Wolfenstein and original MP Demo,
    Myth2 with the add-ons Chimera and World War 2 (and some other fun ones; the fanclubs for Myth2 are pretty much gone),

  12. ElChuchoCabra Says:

    Railroad Tycoon 2 native

    GTA Vice City under wine cuz I just got out of jail

  13. Anonymous Says:

    rtcw:et under windows but it crashes too much…

    rtcw:et under linux because I never reboot.

    So why are you running it?

    1) click enemy territory
    2) download linux version
    3) run without crashes

  14. tjwhaynes Says:

    Knights & Merchants closed beta release :-)

    All native linux.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    Here’s the games I keep coming back to in order of the most time wasted upon:
    1)Enemy Territory
    6)sol –variation=freecell
    42)clicking refresh on

  16. Anonymous Says:

    need for speed underground under winex3.3
    maxpayne2 also under winex3.3
    soldat under wine012104
    warcraft3 under winex3.3
    ut native
    ut2004demo native

  17. mrew Says:

    All I’ve played since the demo came out is Unreal Tournament 2004 Bombing Run. What can I say? I’m addicted…

  18. jerbell Says:

    A Tail in the Desert

    No more UT2004 untill the crash is fixed.

  19. Cybrid Says:

    GTetrinet (digital crack, trust me)
    Tribes 2
    NWN (usually on Neversummer South or North)
    Battle for Wesnoth
    Triple A

    All native :)

  20. KC Says:

    Hmm, let me see.. My top three games would be.
    3.and you guessed it, BZflag

  21. Anonymous Says:

    Duke Nukem Forever at the moment

  22. Anonymous Says:

    BattleMaster ( – my own online strategy/roleplaying game

    Savage, now and then

    uh, that’s pretty much it at the moment.

  23. Anonymous Says:

    Natural Selection (HL mod)

  24. Anonymous Says:


  25. line72 Says:


    I just finished grim fandango under wine (grim fandango and carmageddon 2 are the only reasons i’ll use wine)


  26. ThoreauHD Says:

    Enemy Territory, UT2K4, Majesty, and NWN(sometimes).

    Majesty is slightly addictive, I just wish they released the new one for it- or maybe have a addon besides northern lands. Oh, and I’m waiting on Northland to get released. Beat uplink awhile back. That was fun also. NWN I don’t play so much because the support/install is kinda wrenching. Takes a year to install. I think I might check out Savage as well, since they’re they have a functional port.

  27. Anonymous Says:

    enemy territory

  28. dial033 Says:

    Can`t believe I`m the only one mentioning the bestest game in teh world ;)
    alternatives atm:
    Warlords (w. dosemu)
    Jagged Alliance 2
    And of course: with myself ;P

  29. Anonymous Says:

    NWN (with my partner)
    UT2004 (with my collegues)
    TripleA (Axis & Allies with friends)

    and ahem
    Luigi’s Mansion (singleplayer fun on my Gamecube)


  30. Anonymous Says:

    It’s been a while, but I still play original UT. Also UT2004,ET,and Q3 (freeze tag is still fun).

    Still have my unopened Railroad Tycoon II too.

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