LGP: Northland Beta; HDB Gone Gold

March 29th, 2004 by Alkini

LGP announced two news items regarding games that they’re releasing. First is an announcement that the beta testing for Northland (screenshots), an adventure strategy game, is starting soon so applications to participate in the testing are being accepted:

Applications for Beta Testers for Northland are now open. If you wish to join the beta, please go to and sign up.For those that don`t make it into the beta, you will be able to send us a proof of preorder of Northland from any of our resellers, and you will be admitted into the beta as a registered owner.

Secondly, Hyperspace Delivery Boy (screenshots), an adventure puzzle game, has gone gold:

LGP is pleased to announce that Hyperspace Delivery Boy has now gone gold. We expect to have HDB in stock in 2-3 weeks.

A demo for HDB will soon available.

You cannot currently order HDB from us until it is in stock, but please feel free to check out our resellers who may offer the ability to preorder it.

Pre-orders @ TuxGames:

[other LGP resellers]

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